Event #57: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Time to Eat! Players Go on 90-Minute Break

Jonathan Duhamel

The clock is down to triple zeroes, ending the level and sending the remaining 15 players on a 90-minute dinner break. What a level it was!

Things started off with the rapid descent of Michiel Sijpkens, who wasn't able to recover from losing some big pots towards the end of the previous level. His elimination in 19th place paved the way for a two-table re-draw. The significance was evident to all: one more table of eliminations stood between the final 18 players and the November Nine.

Scott Clements was the first to depart, much to the disappointment of many of the women in the crowd. Clements wasn't able to get much going despite playing plenty of pots. He finally wound up all in with {A-Diamonds}{q-Spades} against Matthew Jarvis' {a-Spades}{k-Clubs} and busted from the feature table in 18th place.

At the outer table, players were snug. Nobody was making many moves and one bet was often enough to take down a pot. That finally changed when David Baker check-raised all in with a flush draw and ran into Jonathan Duhamel's overpair. No help on the turn or river made Baker the 17th-place finisher.

Many eyes have been on Michael Mizrachi today, wondering if the Player's Champion could make it all the way to the November Nine. He suffered a big setback towards the end of the level, committing a large portion of his stack with top pair and then folding to a check-raise from Brandon Steven.

The level ended with the elimination of Benjamin Statz in 16th place. That means 15 players hungry for a bit more than dinner will re-convene at 8:35pm local time. It looks like Jonathan Duhamel will be the chip leader when they come back. From that point nobody will leave until the November Nine are known.