Event #57: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Championship

The Stage is Set

It's just about time to get rolling.

Walking back into the Amazon Room about twenty minutes ago, you'd hardly know there was a poker tournament going on in here. The room was entirely devoid of life, apart from a few well-positioned security guards keeping a close eye on the vast emptyness. We peeked out the side door to see where everyone was, and we found the great crowd lurking in the corridors, waiting for the doors to unlatch. About a hundred or so people have stacked themselves up behind the ropes, most of them friends and family anxiously sweating their loved ones. There were a lot of nervous looks and quiet, tense conversations amongst the masses.

The lights are still dim above the felt here in the featured table arena, but the chatter is starting to pick up. The staff has taken their places and a few of the players have tricked back into the room, lingering around the perimeter of the stage and waiting to resume possibly the most important night of their poker career. Lives will be changed tonight.

We're just a few minutes from getting back in action, and T.D. Robbie has just called the players to their chairs. The lights have been lifted, the doors have been opened, and the spectators are en route.

Play will resume in just a few minutes.