Event #57: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Hand #22: Four Bets From Grinder

John Dolan has the button in Seat 3.

Jason Senti raises to 1.125 million, and Joseph Cheong quickly folds. That sends the action to Dolan, and he takes his pause before cutting out a stack of reraising chips. After a moment, he slides out a three-bet to 2.525 million, but the action wasn't done yet. From the big blind, Michael Mizrachi decides it's cold four-betting time, and he makes it 8.525 million straight. That's enough to quickly fold Senti out of the way, but Dolan is not so quickly pacified. He takes about three or four minutes to consider before surrendering, and Mizrachi will add 4.35 million chips to his stack. He's at 18.6 million now.

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