Event #57: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Hand #148: Joseph Cheong

John Racener has the button in Seat 7.

Under the gun, Jonathan Duhamel raises to 2.3 million, and Racener wants to play for more. He's getting a bit active in the last couple orbits, and he decides to three-bet to 6.2 million here. Joseph Cheong is in this pot too, though, and he "says let's play for a little more," as TD Jack Effel says. It's possible he noticed the same thing we did about Racener's increased activity level. It's 12.5 million total from the hooded pro, and that's enough to scare away Duhamel, but the cold four-bet sends Racener deep into the think tank. After a couple minutes, he kicks his cards back to the muck.

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