WSOP Tournament of Champions

The TOC Fashion Report - The Featured Table

Love me, love my headband

We'll start with the obvious. We're fans of Antonio Esfandiari's bright yellow button-down shirt-- the color looks great on him and the cut is perfect, but the matching headband (which also poofs his hair up into a mini-afro) isn't doing him any favors. However, Esfandiari isn't the most brightly-dressed player at this featured table, not by a longshot. Those honors go to Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, who paired his white sequined hoodie with a black shirt bearing a sequined logo. There are also sequins covering the back pockets of his jeans and a fair amount of bling around his neck. Annie Duke has pulled her Che Guevara jacket out of retirement (though thankfully not the matching khaki hat), while Scotty Nguyen went with an all-white ensemble today, accented with enough gold chains to strangle a rhinoceros.