WSOP Tournament of Champions

Run, Antonio, Run

Antonio Esfandiari is still alive in Day 2 of the $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em event. He started the day with average stack but has been blinding away for a little over an hour. They're approaching the money bubble now, so he's been running back and forth between the TOC stage and his seat at a table directly across the aisle.

Earlier, Esfandiari asked the TD whether or not a player can move all in and leave the table without killing his hand. Apparently, a player's hand is only dead if they step away from the table with action remaining. So he just ran over to his table, moved all in, and ran back without staying to see if he'd been called. After he folded his hand here, he dashed back to see that he had been called, but Antonio didn't stay to find out the other player's hand. Someone just called out, "You doubled up!" so it looks like his strategy is working so far.

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