Event #14: $3,000 Limit Hold'em

Forrest Sent to the Rail


A short-stacked Ted Forrest got his remaining 650 in preflop against Jonathan Aguiar on the button and the player in the small blind. With Forrest's tournament life on the line, both active players checked the {8-Diamonds}{8-Spades}{7-Spades} flop, leading to the {10-Clubs} on the turn.

The small blind led out, Aguiar raised, and the small blind opted for a three-bet. Aguiar insta-mucked and the small blind showed {8-Clubs}{9-Clubs} for trips. It was good as Forrest was drawing dead with {A-Hearts}{5-Clubs}. The {Q-Hearts} was put out on the river for good measure as Forrest was eliminated from the tournament, mid-massage we might add. Unfortunately there was no happy ending for Mr. Forrest.

Ted Forrest Busted

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Good Read, Unfortunate Result for Chiu

On a {10-Hearts}{J-Spades}{8-Hearts}{J-Diamonds}{5-Hearts} board, the small blind bet and David Chiu made the call before asking “tens full?”. His opponent did indeed have {10-}{10-} and Chiu flashed a {J-} before he mucked.

David Chiu 8,400 -4,800

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Brown Down, but Not Out

Chad Brown defended his big blind after he was raised from early position. Both players saw a flop of {A-Spades} {8-Clubs} {J-Diamonds}. Seat Two again bet out, and Brown quickly made the call.

Fourth street was a {4-Hearts} and Seat Two bet out only this time to be raised by Brown.

Seat Two paid to see the last card. A {5-Clubs} on the river brought no action as both players checked.

Brown {10-} {10-}
Seat 2 {A-} {10-}

Brown is well below starting stack at this moment.

Chad Brown 4,325 -1,375

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Eskandani Doubles Shorty

• Level 6: 150-300, 0 ante

A short stacked player was all in from the cutoff for 1,300 preflop against Mori Eskandani who was on the button. Eskandani held {5-Diamonds}{5-Spades} while his opponent was surprisingly not much of an underdog even though he had {8-Diamonds}{7-Clubs}. The board rolled out {Q-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}{7-Spades}{7-Hearts}{10-Diamonds} and the player doubled up while Eskandani was still sitting with a healthy 10,300.

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2011 WSOP Player-of-the-Year Update

[user153638] • Level 6: 150-300, 0 ante

Current 2011 WSOP Player-of-the-Year Leaderboard

Amir Lehavot31511$573,456
Jake Cody30011$851,192
Sean Getzwiller28011$611,185
Allen Bari27011$874,116
Jarred Solomon220.510$354,460
Yevgeniy Timoshenko21010$525,980
Sadan Turker19610$377,411
Francesco Barbaro19011$262,283
Maria Ho18910$540,020
Harrison Wilder17011$205,065
Sam Stein157.510$264,651
Eugene Katchalov15011$122,909

*Standings through Event #9

Sweet Pilgrimage

We caught up with the action on a {7-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}{2-Clubs} flop where Dwyte Pilgrim checked from the small blind. A player from middle position bet and was met with a check-raise from Pilgrim which was called. Pilgrim checked again when the turn came the {A-Diamonds} and just called his opponent’s bet this time. On the {9-Clubs} river however, Pilgrim led out and received a call. He turned over {A-Hearts}{K-Diamonds} for top pair, top kicker and the other player mucked.

Dwyte Pilgrim 16,500 -1,500

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The Grinder Exits Quietly

Michael Mizrachi has been eliminated after he called a bet that put him all in preflop with {K-Clubs} {9-Hearts}. His opponent held {7-} {7-}.

A board of {3-} {A-} {10-} {5-} {4-} was of no help to The Grinder.

Michael Mizrachi Busted

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Elezra on the Rise


Just before the level went up, a player raised in early position and was called by Eli Elezra in the small blind and the player in the big. Elezra and the big blind both checked the {9-Diamonds}{Q-Spades}{8-Clubs} flop, prompting the early-position player to bet. Elezra woke up with a check-raise, the big blind got of the way, and the original raiser made the call.

When the {4-Hearts} hit the turn, Elezra bet, his opponent called, and the {3-Hearts} appeared on the turn. The betting was the same as Elezra showed {A-Hearts}{9-Hearts}, which was no good against his opponent's {K-Hearts}{Q-Hearts}.

Eli Elezra 18,000 1,500

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Shulman Continues to Rise

We caught up to Jeff Shulman's table just in time to watch him scoop a nice pot.

Off a board of {3-Diamonds} {4-Spades} {4-Clubs} {K-Hearts} {7-Diamonds}, Shulman showed {A-} {K-} and won putting him well over 20,000 in chips.

Jeff Shulman 24,200 4,200