Event #2: $25,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Duhamel Advancing

• Level 6: 800-1,600, 0 ante

We've got one of our matches complete on the featured table right in front of us.

On the last hand, Jonathan Duhamel opened with a mini-raise to 2,400, and Phil Laak three-bet to 4,200. Duhamel called with {K-Hearts} {6-Clubs} "for no real reason," as he told us after the hand. Perhaps he knew the {6-Hearts} {K-Clubs} {3-Hearts} flop was coming, and he flatted a bet of 6,500 from Laak. That brought them to the {4-Hearts} turn, and Laak knocked the table this time. Duhamel took his cue to fire 13,500 at the pot, and Laak check-raised all in. Durhamel called with top two, and Laak announced that he had zero outs. He promptly mucked his hand, and without even needing a river card, Duhamel has advanced to Round 2.

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