Event #30: $1,000 Seniors No-Limit Hold’em Championship
Event #30: $1,000 Seniors No-Limit Hold’em Championship
Day 1 completed

Official Day 1 Chip Counts (full)


Official Day 1 Chip Counts

John Bovin 113,000
Ralph Crow 76,100
Charles Sewell 74,800
Gerald White 72,000
Gregory Sellgren 70,400
Craig Koch 70,000
Richard Mombourquette 66,700
Stephen Massa 62,100
M Schroeder 62,000
Maureen Blatter 61,000
Andrew Bradshaw 58,000
David Troyer 57,500
Mike Epstein 57,500
Steven Calhoun 57,100
James Pritchard 56,700
Paul Magriel 56,100
Bruce Peterson 55,000
Tuan Nguyen 55,000
James Hess 53,300
Bill Eichel 49,800
Joseph Davidman 47,700
Mike Sica 46,900
Michael Johnson 45,500
Bruce MacGregor 45,500
Robert Whalen 44,800

Day One Bagged, Bovin Leads the Field

• Level 10: 400-800, 100 ante
The massive field for the Seniors Event. John Bovin is our current chip leader with 113,000.
The massive field for the Seniors Event. John Bovin is our current chip leader with 113,000.

Today marked a record-setting number of entrants for the Seniors Championship, with exactly 3,752 seniors packing into both the Pavilion and Amazon Room. Similar to last year, the event had such a large player pool that it actually interfered with starting times of other tournaments, including the Event #31: $3,000 Pot-Limit Omaha, which was delayed by a little over an hour.

By the end of the day, we dwindled down to just 529 players. Just a handful of "notables" remain, including Susie Isaacs (26,500), Shirley Williams (10,300) and Paul Magriel (56,100).

Big names who busted early include Amarillo Slim, Dennis Phillips, Lon McEachern, T.J. Cloutier, Berry Johnston, Tony Ma and Charles "Woody" Moore. Harold Angle also busted, which means we will crown a new champion this year.

It appears our current chip leader going into day two is John Bovin, who managed to amass a commanding 113,000 in chips. Other big stacks include Charlie Sewell (74,800) and Rick Mombourquette (66,700).

Be sure to join us at here at PokerNews tomorrow at 2:30 PDT as we approach the money bubble and make our way toward the final table!

Andy Bradshaw Blasts Aces With King on the River

• Level 10: 400-800, 100 ante

We heard Andy Bradshaw let loose with a whooping celebration and hurried over to catch the aftermath of a crushing bad beat. With just ten minutes or so remaining until players advance to Day 2 of the Seniors Championship, a player had gone all-in with {A-Hearts}{A-Spades} and Bradshaw made the call.

The Englishman, who hails from Preston, England, was far behind with his {K-Clubs}{K-Hearts} and after the first four board cards came {2-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds}{8-Spades}{6-Clubs}, he appeared to be on his way to a crippling loss. The {K-Spades} on the river changed everything, however, and Bradshaw began cheering himself on.

Bradshaw jokingly warned us not to mention his "suckout" on this hand, and with pocket kings we can't say we would have played the hand any differently. He later informed us that in his last three tournaments here at this year's WSOP, he has busted on the last level of play with kings in the hole every time. His annual tradition was mercifully broken this time around and Bradshaw will be looking to continue the British Invasion of 2011 with a deep run on Day 2.

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Let The Stalling Begin!

• Level 10: 400-800, 100 ante

With just fifteen minutes separating our remaining players from an appearance on Day 2, we spotted one player going to extremes to assure himself of that honor. The floor was called on the player after he sat still as a stone, remaining silent for over two minutes with the action on him.

When the floorman arrived with clock in hand, the player kept the ruse going and pretended simply to not hear the his admonishments to keep the game moving. When asked if he was stalling to make Day 2 or simply pondering a tough decision, the player finally admitted that he was stalling and had no problem doing so.

His tablemates tried to assure him that, with his above average chip stack, he would most likely be coming back from Day 2 playing at normal speed. The man responded sternly "not if do something stupid and get involved in a hand." Apparently this player has been well familiarized with Murphy's Law and his personal poker maxim is "what can go wrong, will never go wrong if I just refuse to act."

Baldy's Dad Busts

• Level 10: 400-800, 100 ante

We spotted Eric Baldwin on the rail and asked him who he was sweating. He pointed out his dad so we went to see the action and he just so happened to be pushing his remaining 5,300 chips in the middle on a flop of {9-Spades}{4-Clubs}{3-Spades}. One other player made the call. Baldwin's dad flipped up {10-Diamonds}{4-Spades} and his opponent flipped up {4-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}.

The turn brought the {9-Clubs} and the {7-Spades} hit on the river to send him to the rail.

Lucky Ladies for Mombourquette

• Level 10: 400-800, 100 ante

Rick Mombourquette raised preflop and was met with an all-in re-raise for about 10,000 from the small. The big blind folded and Mombourquette snap-called.

Mombourquette: {Q-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds}
Opponent: {K-}{K-}

The board {Q-Clubs}{8-Spades}{J-Clubs}{2-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}, sparing Mombourquette with a queen in the window and sending his opponent to the rail. Mombourquette is back up to about 65,000.

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Some Chip Counts

John Bobin 75,000 72,000
Rick Mombourquette 63,000 3,000
Charlie Sewell 53,000
Paul Magriel 51,000 24,000
Susie Isaacs 26,000 1,800

Susie Isaacs Idle At the Moment

We passed by Susie Isaacs' table and noticed that her stack looked virtually identical after about an hour of play. Sure enough, the former bracelet winner is sitting with 24,200 chips and with the blinds climbing rapidly, her once commanding chip stack is now good for just 30 big blinds.

Susie Isaacs 24,200 200

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Peters Doubles Up

• Level 10: 400-800, 100 ante

If you joined us earlier today you heard Tim Peters talk about the Seniors event on our podcast. We caught up him when he moved all in preflop with {a-Spades}{k-Clubs} for over 10,000 against a player's {a-Diamonds}{q-Spades}.

The board ran out {7-Clubs}{3-Clubs}{a-Hearts}{j-Diamonds}{2-Spades} .

Peters now sits with 29,000 in chips.

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