Event #30: $1,000 Seniors No-Limit Hold’em Championship

William Mckinney: War Veteran and Power Poker Player

• Level 11: 500-1,000, 100 ante

We passed by a table and couldn't help but notice former Seniors Champion William "Cigar" Mckinney bullying his opponents into submission. After taking down the title in 2005, Mckinney is looking to capture his second gold bracelet in this tournament. When another player raised to open the betting, we heard Mckinney bark out "All-In!" and watched as he chomped on his trademark cigar while staring the man down.

After a minute or so under the pressure applied by Mckinney's all-in play, the raiser folded his hand and the chips were shipped to the man proudly sporting a hat emblazoned with the words USS Barnes CVE-20.

William Mckinney served on the USS Barnes during World War II and now on Day 2 of the WSOP Seniors Championship, he is the one giving the orders in his mission to win this event for the second time.

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