Event #37: $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. Championship

Sevens Ways to the Flop, Five Ways at Showdown, One Winner

[user68268] • Level 2


Jerry Buss limped under the gun, Allen Bari limped from the next seat, the hijack seat limped, Marco Traniello limped from the cutoff seat, Matt Lefkowitz called on the button, the small blind called and the big blind checked. With seven players in the hand, the flop came down {9-Spades}{5-Hearts}{2-Spades}. Action checked to Buss and he bet. Bari raised, the hijack seat folded, Traniello called, Lefkowitz folded and then the two blinds also called. Buss called as well.

Action was now five-handed to the {10-Diamonds} turn card. Play checked to Buss and he bet. No one folded this time and the river brought the {Q-Clubs}. Action checked around.

The small blind tabled the {K-Clubs}{9-Clubs}{5-Diamonds}{3-Hearts} for two pair, nines and fives and everyone else mucked. Buss and Bari both commented that they had some low draws, but nothing that materialized.

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Chip Counts

Michele Limongi 35,000 5,000
Blair Rodman 33,000 3,000
Cyndy Violette 33,000 3,000
Andre Akkari 31,000 1,000
Bill Chen 31,000 1,000
Bertrand Grospellier 30,000
Brett Richey 27,000 -3,000
Anton Allemann 26,000 -4,000
Daniel Negreanu 26,000 -4,000
Max Pescatori 25,000 -5,000
Mike Wattel 24,000 -6,000
Jason Young 22,000 2,000

Prop Bets Already

[user80015] • Level 2

With Robert Mizrachi and Eli Elezra both late to take a seat, and very keen gamblers, it was no surprise to see the two discuss what prop bets they could get involved in throughout the next eight hours of play.

Originally we overheard them discussing cross-books, but when we began to pay more attention to the table talk, it was discovered that they were playing two prop bet games at $100 a point.

The first involved a flopped flush with Mizrachi taking clubs and spades, and Elezra hearts and diamonds, with three of one suit on a flop costing the other three points.

The second game sees them pick three numbers (which we believed are normally consecutive, but on this occasion isn't) with Mizrachi taking 3, 6 and 7 while Elezra has 4,5 and 8. We're not exactly sure on how much they are playing for in this particular prop, but we'll keep you informed as much as we can throughout the day.

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Updated Chip Counts

Chad Brown 37,000 7,000
[Removed:163] 37,000
Shannon Shorr 33,000 3,000
Robert Williamson 32,000 2,000
John D'Agostino 29,500 -500
Allen Kessler 29,000 -1,000
Jared Jaffee 28,000 -2,000
George Lind 28,000 -2,000
Ali Eslami 26,000 -4,000
Chris Tryba 26,000 -4,000
Luis Velador 23,000 -7,000
Justin Bonomo 21,500 -8,500
Fabrizio Gonzalez 21,000 -2,000

Hard Times for Harman


Jen Harman is another player who is down early on in Day 1 here in Event #37. She just lost a couple of Limit Hold'em hands, first to David Baker and then to Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier. Here's the one with Baker.


On the board of {Q-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}{4-Clubs}{7-Diamonds}, Baker fired a bet and Harman called to see the {5-Diamonds} fall on the river. Baker bet again and this time Harman gave it up. Baker was kind enough to show her what he had, and that was the {A-Spades}{A-Diamonds}.

A couple of hands later, Harman couldn't beat ElkY's pocket nines on a board of {a-}{a-}{4-}{5-}{x-} and lost another pot.

Jen Harman 21,000

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Late Arrivals


With a new level starting, some of the late registrants can begin playing.

Eugene Katchalov and Huck Seed are seated together while Dan Shak, Sorel Mizzi and multiple bracelet winners Mickey Appleman and Mike Matusow are also battling it out.

Jimmy Fricke, Eli Elezra, Rob Mizrachi and Richard Ashby are also seated together.

Huck Seed 30,000
Eli Elezra 30,000
Dan Shak 30,000
Eugene Katchalov 30,000
Sorel Mizzi 30,000
Mickey Appleman 30,000
Jimmy Fricke 30,000
Richard Ashby 30,000
Robert Mizrachi 30,000
Mike Matusow 30,000

Updated Chip Counts

David Steicke 39,500 9,500
Matt Hawrilenko 35,000
Steve Billirakis 33,500 3,500
Chris Amaral 32,000
Fabrice Soulier 32,000 2,000
Michael Chow 31,000 1,000
John Cernuto 31,000 1,000
Carlos Mortensen 30,500 -1,500
Sergey Altbregin 28,000 -2,000
Scotty Nguyen 27,000 -3,000
Michael Binger 26,000 -4,000
Dario Alioto 22,000

Rough Start for Young


World Series of Poker gold bracelet winner Jason Young is off to a rough start in this one. He's been very active early on, but not much has been going his way. Even though it's early and the bets are still small, Young's stack has dwindled to 20,000 in chips. That's just two-thirds of what he started with.

Jason Young 20,000 -10,000

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