Event #37: $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. Championship
Event #37: $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. Championship
Day 2 completed

23 Remain for Bracelet 37 as Michael Binger Headlines Tough Field

[user80015] • Level 18
Chip leader Michael Binger
Chip leader Michael Binger

Day 2 of Event #37: $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. Championship of the 2011 World Series of Poker has to a conclusion with 23-players remaining in chase for the coveted gold bracelet.

Starting the day with 173 players, action flew fast as players jostled for a place high on the leaderboard. Bracelet winners David Bach, Todd Brunson, Frank Kassela, Barry Greenstein, Carlos Mortensen, Mike Matusow, Daniel Negreanu, Doyle Brunson and John Juanda all fought hard, but unfortunately were unable to sneak into the money as Eugene Katchalov became the unfortunate bubble boy.

The story of the day however was the controversy that occurred between Daniel Negreanu and Michael Binger over a possible angle shoot, and whether or not a particular player should be bound to a raise. With that particular hand lasting close to ten minutes, Binger eventually tank-folded the turn to keep just several big bets in his stack. Although severely rattled, Binger managed to regain his composure and fight hard to eventually end as the chip leader with an amassed 742,000 in chips.

With 23 players remaining in the field, snapping close at his heels is Fabrice Soulier (560,000), Daniel Ospina (532,000), Jacobo Fernandez (526,000) and Ram Vaswani (505,000). Bracelet winners John Monnette (325,000), Chau Giang (262,000) and Max Pescatori (243,000), along with talented mixed game players Brett Richey (142,000), Yuval Bronshtein (135,000) and Tom Dwan (135,000) still remain.

The PokerNews Live Reporting Team will be back on the floor providing continuous live coverage from 3:00 p.m. PDT as we look to play down until the Event #37: $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. Championship winner is crowned!

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Day 3 Seating Draw

[user80015] • Level 18
TableSeatPlayerChip Count
2801Chau Giang262,000
2802Kyle Loman388,000
2803John Monnette479,000
2804Shawn Buchanan325,000
2805Frankie O'Dell295,000
2806Michael Binger742,000
2807Chris Klodnicki243,000
2808Max Pescatori41,000
2861Joe Cassidy184,000
2863Daniel Ospina532,000
2864Tom Dwan135,000
2865Erik Sagstrom273,000
2866Yuval Bronshtein135,000
2867Andrey Zaichenko243,000
2868Tommy Hang440,000
2921Brett Richey142,000
2922Fabrice Soulier560,000
2923Tom McCormick136,000
2924Ram Vaswani505,000
2925Fu Wong398,000
2926Jacobo Fernandez526,000
2927Robert Williamson III22,000
2928Matthew Ashton242,000

End Of Day 2 Chip Counts

Michael Binger 742,000 -13,000
Fabrice Soulier 560,000 -150,000
Daniel Ospina 532,000 222,000
Jacobo Fernandez 526,000 181,000
Ram Vaswani 505,000 125,000
Shawn Buchanan 479,000 34,000
Tommy Hang 440,000 140,000
Fu Wong 398,000 78,000
Kyle Loman 388,000 83,000
John Monnette 325,000 -81,000
Frankie O'Dell 295,000 5,000
Erik Sagstrom 273,000 -177,000
Chau Giang 262,000 -38,000
Andrey Zaichenko 243,000 33,000
Max Pescatori 243,000 38,000
Matthew Ashton 242,000 32,000
Joe Cassidy 184,000 -56,000
Brett Richey 142,000 -108,000
Tom McCormick 136,000 66,000
Tom Dwan 135,000 -165,000
Yuval Bronshtein 135,000 -15,000
Chris Klodnicki 41,000 -9,000
Robert Williamson III 22,000 -88,000

Three Hands to Go

• Level 18

The clock is paused with 10 minutes remaining in the level. Each table will play three more hands before quitting for the night.

"It's always three hands. It's never four," lamented Max Pescatori. "Why never four?"

Updated Chip Counts

Michael Binger 755,000 275,000
Fabrice Soulier 710,000 240,000
Erik Sagstrom 450,000 60,000
Shawn Buchanan 445,000 -10,000
John Monnette 406,000 16,000
Ram Vaswani 380,000 30,000
Jacobo Fernandez 345,000 115,000
Fu Wong 320,000 -110,000
Kyle Loman 305,000 -45,000
Tommy Hang 300,000 75,000
Chau Giang 300,000 50,000
Tom Dwan 300,000 100,000
Frankie O'Dell 290,000 -20,000
Daniel Ospina 255,000 -65,000
Brett Richey 250,000 115,000
Joe Cassidy 240,000 -30,000
Matthew Ashton 210,000 -95,000
Andrey Zaichenko 210,000 -110,000
Max Pescatori 205,000 95,000
Yuval Bronshtein 150,000 97,000
Robert Williamson III 110,000 -100,000
Tom McCormick 70,000 -55,000
Daniel Alaei 65,000 52,000
Chris Klodnicki 50,000 -25,000

Final 27 Re-Draw

[user80015] • Level 18

Table 275

1Chau Giang
2Kyle Loman
3John Monnette
4Shawn Buchanan
5Frankie O'Dell
6Michael Binger
7Chris Klodnicki
8Max Pescatori

Table 276

1Joe Cassidy
2Daniel Alaei
3Daniel Ospina
4Tom Dwan
5Erik Sagstrom
6Yuval Bronshtein
7Andrey Zaichenko
8Tommy Hang

Table 277

1Brett Richey
2Fabrice Soulier
3Tom McCormick
4Ram Vaswani
5Fu Wong
6Jacobo Fernandez
7Robert Williamson III
8Matthew Ashton

Ramos Co-Bubbles

• Level 18
Felipe Ramos - co-bubble boy
Felipe Ramos - co-bubble boy


Felipe Ramos was in the big blind with only 2,000 behind after he was crippled in a previous hand. John Monnette called under the gun, Yuval Bronshtein called on the button, and Fabrice Soulier joined from the small blind. Ramos tossed in his extra 2,000, as did everyone else.

All three players with chips checked the {j-Clubs}{8-Diamonds}{4-Spades} flop and the {10-Spades} turn. The river was the {k-Clubs}, and Monnette checked. Bronshtein put out a bet, and Soulier and Monnette both folded. "I got it," Bronshtein said, tabling {a-Clubs}{q-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}{3-Spades} for the nuts.

While Ramos was all in, Eugene Katchalov busted on another table. That means the remaining players are in the money and we get to skip hand-for-hand.

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