Event #37: $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. Championship

Sevens Ways to the Flop, Five Ways at Showdown, One Winner

[user68268] • Level 2


Jerry Buss limped under the gun, Allen Bari limped from the next seat, the hijack seat limped, Marco Traniello limped from the cutoff seat, Matt Lefkowitz called on the button, the small blind called and the big blind checked. With seven players in the hand, the flop came down {9-Spades}{5-Hearts}{2-Spades}. Action checked to Buss and he bet. Bari raised, the hijack seat folded, Traniello called, Lefkowitz folded and then the two blinds also called. Buss called as well.

Action was now five-handed to the {10-Diamonds} turn card. Play checked to Buss and he bet. No one folded this time and the river brought the {Q-Clubs}. Action checked around.

The small blind tabled the {K-Clubs}{9-Clubs}{5-Diamonds}{3-Hearts} for two pair, nines and fives and everyone else mucked. Buss and Bari both commented that they had some low draws, but nothing that materialized.

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