Event #44: $2,500 Seven Card Razz
Event #44: $2,500 Seven Card Razz
Day 1 completed

Official Day 1 Chip Counts (full)


Official Day 1 Chip Counts

Scott Epstein 48,900
George Lewis 44,300
Tommy Chen 40,900
Christopher George 40,200
Hoyt Corkins 34,700
Michael Wattel 34,500
George Lind 34,000
Benjamin Powell 33,800
Raul Paez 33,600
Chad Brown 33,600 7,600
Brendan Taylor 32,700
Chau Giang 32,400
Orjan Skommo 31,300
Viacheslav Zhukov 31,300 24,000
Calvin Anderson 30,500 11,500
Apostolos Chatzopoulos 29,900
Charles Crouch 29,900
Timothy Finne 29,800
Hasan Habib 28,700 14,700
Jay Kwon 28,400
John Monnette 28,100 100
Justin Smith 28,100 11,600
Daniel Abrams 27,900
Matthew Smith 27,900
Daniel Idema 27,700

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George's Atop the Leaderboard

• Level 8: 500-1,000, 100 ante
Defending Champ Frank Kassela
Defending Champ Frank Kassela

After eight levels of play, Day 1 of Event #44, $2,500 Seven Card Razz is complete and quite an interesting day it was. The start of play was delayed by one hour due to a large amount of entrants into Event #43, $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em that also started today and took over most of the Pavillion room. Our field started with 363 players, a mere two less than last year, and by the end, around 166 remain. The chip leader appears to be George Lewis who bagged 44,300 at day’s end.

Besides the chip leader, big stacks include Christopher George (40,200), Hoyt Corkins (34,700), George Lind III (34,000) and Chau Giang (32,400). We don’t know if there will be a new champion in this event yet as Frank Kassela, last year’s winner, still remains. Other notables that survived the day were Team PokerStars Pros Jason Mercier (USA), Chad Brown (USA) and Victor Ramdin (USA), as well as Tom Dwan, Erik Seidel, John Monnette and poker media member Tim Fiorvanti.

Some players that weren’t lucky enough to make it to day two were PokerNews’ own Mickey Doft, Team PokerStars Pros Barry Greenstein (USA), Betrand Grospellier (France), Daniel Negreanu (Canada) and Pat Pezzin (Canada), along with Jeff Lisandro, Todd Brunson, David Chiu and David Benyamine.

Due to today’s late start, play will only resume at 4 p.m. PST tomorrow and nine levels instead of the regular ten will be played. We hope to see you back then as we anticipate that the players will make the money on their way to the WSOP gold bracelet and the $210,615 that goes with it which you certainly don’t want to miss.

Five More Hands

• Level 8: 500-1,000, 100 ante

With the clock reading 10 minutes, the floor has drawn cards and it has been determined that each table will play five more hands before play is wrapped up for the night.


• Level 8: 500-1,000, 100 ante

We joined the pot on fourth street, heads-up.

Jason Somerville: (X)(X) / {9-}{7-}{7-}{9-} / (X)
Opponent: (X)(X) / {3-}{q-}{3-}{6-} / (X)

Somerville led the betting on fourth and fifth streets, and his opponent called both street. On sixth, Mr. Opponent took the lead with a bet of his own, and Somerville called with his two pair. On seventh, Somerville faced a dark bet all in, and he called one last time to put his opponent at risk.

Mr. Opponent showed up {A-} {4-} {10-} for a not-so-good ten-low. Somerville had drawn well on seventh, tabling {a-}{2-}{5-} for the winning ninety-seven. With the elimination of his opponent, Somerville moves up to about 13,500.

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Prop Bets Gone Wild

• Level 8: 500-1,000, 100 ante

We were checking out Tom Dwan’s table when we heard a commotion going on over at table 135 which was several tables away that even caused Dwan’s head to turn so we went to go check it out. When we got there, Chris Amaral filled us in on the details of what was a prop bet which has been a common occurrence that we’ve seen at several tables today.

If we understood Amaral correctly, the players in the first four seats were betting on their up-card. Whoever has the high card of the four has to pay each of the other three $20. If that high card is a ten or a nine however, the price is $40 and if it is eight or lower, it's $60. Still following?

Every 20 hands though, there is some sort of jackpot hand where the stakes are increased or multiplied. And this was the case when we heard all of the yelling happening. We believe that one of the players lost with a seven which caused him to lose a sizeable amount. It seemed like everyone was enjoying themselves and having a good time though so we’ll let them continue at it.

Wheelin' On Baxter

• Level 8: 500-1,000, 100 ante
Billy Baxter
Billy Baxter

We picked up the action on fifth street, heads-up between Billy Baxter and a player we don't recognize.

Baxter: (X)(X) / {3-}{2-}{9-}{4-} / (X)
Opponent: (X)(X) / {4-}{5-}{3-}{2-} / (X)

Mr. Opponent put bets in on fifth and sixth street while we were standing there, with Baxter calling both times. On seventh, the bet came again, but Baxter raised it to two bets. Not to be outdone, his opponent raised it back, and Baxter made the crying call.

The other player revealed {a-}{2-}{4-} for the wheel, and Baxter flashed {a-}{6-} as he tucked and mucked his way down to 16,500 or so.

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Jimmy Fricke 39,400 8,400
29,500 600
John Monnette 28,000 6,400
Shawn Buchanan 23,000 4,000
Frank Kassela 23,000 7,000
Erik Seidel 19,000 3,000
Chau Giang 18,500 6,000
18,000 7,500
Michael Binger 17,000 13,000
Jason Mercier 17,000 3,500
Bryan Micon 17,000 5,000
Cyndy Violette 16,300 1,300
David Sklansky 15,300 -700
Berry Johnston 14,700 1,700
Jerry Buss 14,100 2,600
Julie Schneider 14,000 -5,500
Shawn Sheikhan 13,000 -4,000
Jean Gaspard 5,100 -6,400
Darus Suharto 2,200 -6,200

Checking on Chips

Chad Brown 26,000 11,000
Victor Ramdin 21,000 14,800
Hoyt Corkins 21,000 8,000
20,000 -5,000
John Cernuto 19,000 500
Scott Bohlman 19,000
David Benyamine 19,000 7,000
Alexander Kostritsyn 18,800 -1,200
Robert Williamson III 18,300 7,300
Max Stern 17,000 2,000
Justin Smith 16,500 1,300
Lacey Jones 14,500 -1,500
Daniel Alaei 14,500 4,000
Hasan Habib 14,000 3,400
13,800 3,600
Perry Friedman 13,000 4,300
Phil Laak 12,000 600
12,000 4,000
12,000 -3,000
Brandon Cantu 11,000 1,000
11,000 1,500
10,300 3,800
10,000 -800

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