Event #47: $2,500 Omaha/Seven Card Stud Hi-Low-8 or Better

Mariakis, Ankenman Out

Shamus • Level 18

Omaha 8

We've had a couple of eliminations since the redraw. Michael Mariakis went out in 24th soon after finding his new seat. And Jerrod Ankenman has been eliminated in 23rd.

In Ankenman's elimination hand, he was all in on the turn against Gerard Rechnitzer with the board showing {9-Clubs}{9-Spades}{6-Clubs}{8-Clubs}. Ankenman held {A-Spades}{K-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds} and Rechnitzer {J-Clubs}{5-Clubs}{3-Hearts}{2-Hearts}. The river was the {7-Diamonds}, leaving Rechnitzer with a flush for the high and a better low, and Ankenman hit the rail.

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