Event #5: $1,500 Seven Card Stud


[user101598] • Level 5: 200-400, 50 ante

Allen Kessler - (x) (x) / {8-Hearts}{5-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{6-Clubs} / (x)
Opponent - (x) (x) / {q-Spades}{2-Clubs}{k-Spades}{q-Hearts} / (x)

Allen Kessler earlier told an opponent that he, "has no chance at cashing in the tournament." The two were heads up recently, after Kessler completed and this particular opponent was his only caller. Kessler was the aggressor on fourth street, but every street after that his opponent was the one who was doing the betting. Kessler called him down until the river, where he turned over {q-Clubs}{q-Diamonds} for a pair of queens, but he couldn't beat a king kicker.

"How can you bet on sixth?" he muttered to himself as his opponent raked in the pot.

Kessler is now down to just 3,300 in chips.

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