Event #50: $5,000 Triple Chance No-Limit Hold’em

Binger Times Two

• Level 7: 200-400, 50 ante

The most recent counts for Michael Binger and Masa Kagawa are the way they are thanks to a double-up pot they played just a moment ago. We missed the hand play out, walking up only in time to see the cards.

The board showed {Q-Clubs} {7-Diamonds} {Q-Diamonds} {10-Diamonds} {A-Hearts}, and Michael Binger had {Q-Hearts} {10-Clubs} out in front of him. He was counting his stack down, and Masa Kagawa was waiting to pay the debt with an inferior {A-Diamonds} {K-Diamonds} showing. From the table talk from Mike Beasley, we gather that Binger called a raise to 1,050 out of position in a mult-way pot. He led out on the flop, but we're not sure exactly when all the chips went in.

Whenever it was, Binger smashed a double up for about 14,000 chips to put him up over 30,000 and up above the chip average.

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