Event #56: $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em

Kurita KO'ed

Yu Kurita (during Event #53): eliminated

As the PokerNews Live Reporting Team made the rounds through the White section of the Pavillion, we spotted a rather forlorn-looking Yu Kurita railing her Japanese countryman, Waki Waki. When we asked her what happened, the former child psychology student from Tokyo was happy to take us through her story.

Holding around 25,000 in chips, she first called a player's all-in bet with {5-}{5-} after flopping a full house on a board of {Q-}{Q-}{5-} against her opponent's {Q-}{J-}. However, another {J-} spiked on the turn to give her opponent a bigger full house and she lost almost half her stack in that hand.

She then lost another chunk of change when her {K-}{Q-} was outdrawn by another opponent's {K-}{J-Spades} when he caught running spades for a flush, then ran her {A-}{J-} into a shorter stack's {K-}{K-} before finally getting the last of her money in with {A-}{K-}, only to lose the flip for her tournament life against {3-}{3-}.

With deep runs in both this year's and last year's WSOP Ladies Events (13th and 16th place respectively), plus more than $23,000 in tournament cashes since her live tournament debut in Macau in 2010, Kurita could be a big name in the future. Watch this space!

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