Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Le Doubles Through Roberts, Gives Some Back


Tommy Le recently doubled through Darrell Roberts, who finally found his way to his seat at the main feature table. The two got it all in on a ten-high flop, and Le's queens held against Robert's jacks.

In a hand not too long after, Le limped in from the small blind and Roberts checked his option. Both players knuckled after the dealer fanned {8-Diamonds}{4-Hearts}{q-Hearts}, and Le led for 1,000 after the {2-Spades} turned. Roberts called.

The river was the {j-Hearts}, Le quickly fired 1,500, and Roberts raised to 4,500. Le tank-called. Roberts rolled over {10-Hearts}{3-Hearts} for a flush, Le mucked, and Roberts took back some of his chips.

Chip Counts
33,100 11,100
16,600 -23,400

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