Event #9: $1,500 2-7 Draw Lowball

Oh Dear, Matt Perrins, Oh Dear

• Level 9: 300-600, 150 ante

Matt Perrins is gradually being blinded away as he hasn't arrived at the Rio yet.

"He's such a clown," said Stuart Rutter, "he left his house at 2.50pm and it's a 35 minute taxi ride from here..."

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No He Khan't

• Level 9: 300-600, 150 ante

Shawn Sheikhan doubled up through Thomas Fuller, the lattr drew one to a {10-}{9-}{6-}{2-} and managed to pick up an {8-} but Sheikhan's {10-}{7-}{5-}{2-} picked up an {6-} to make a better ten-low. It was all in vain however as Sheikhan busted a mere few hands later.

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• Level 9: 300-600, 150 ante

Robert Woodcock is another early exit, he committed himself preflop against Josh Brikis and stood pat after the latter draw one card to an {8-}{6-}{3-}{2-}. Woodcock turned over {J-}{9-}{7-}{6-}{4-} but Brikis picked up a {10-} to eliminate the British player.

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First Casualty of Day 2

• Level 9: 300-600, 150 ante

We missed the action, but Matt Affleck's last 8,000 chips or so were shipped over to Bernard Lee. All we saw was that Affleck's {A-}{6-}{4-}{3-}{2-} didn't hold up and he is gone from the tournament. In the mean time, Lee is up to around 33,000.

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Welcome to Day 2 of the $1,500 2-7 Draw Lowball

We're back in the Amazon room with 73 players remaining in a very stacked field which is led by George Lind who sits with 52,200 but there is a multitude of bracelet winners still in including Jason Mercier Greg Mueller (there is your love!) Rami Boukai and Chris Bjorin.

28 players get paid but obviously the plan will be to play down to the final tonight, something we believe will definitely happen before ten levels are through.

Play starts at 3pm

Day 2 Table and Seat Draw

3591Lee Watkinson14,000
3592Paul Heinrich8,100
3593Jason Mercier21,250
3594Dan Kelly15,475
3595Claudio Rinaldi13,625
3596Yarron Bendor11,150
3597Will Failla19,600
3601Greg Mueller17,250
3602Shawn Sheikhan16,200
3603Don Mcnamara22,975
3604Hiroaki Harada21,100
3605Berry Johnston16,850
3606David Bakes Baker17,925
3607Robin Rightmire7,800
3641Chris Bjorin21,600
3642Steve Rassi10,000
3643Rami Boukai18,050
3644Tam Hang14,000
3645Keith Charles Lehr14,200
3646Eli Elezra20,950
3647Shaun Deeb24,775
3651Jimmy Fricke34,725
3652Thien "Tim" Phan25,725
3653Nam Le8,625
3654Paul Volpe28,900
3655Dan O'Brien5,750
3656Michael Conti16,150
3657George Lind52,200
3661Galen Hall20,600
3662Samuel Gerber12,850
3663Anthony Lee13,675
3664Phil Laak9,500
3665Marc Jacques Zaicik8,750
3666Matthew Perrins11,325
3667Thor Hansen6,300
3671Owais Ahmed25,500
3673Thomas Fuller17,175
3674Dennis Carlston10,200
3675Dario Alioto17,575
3676Justin Bonomo20,700
3677William Baxter11,800
3681Travis Pearson33,600
3682Alexandre Luneau18,750
3684Tom FranklinDNR
3685Douglas Burnetti18,300
3686Nicholas Verkaik5,400
3687Bertrand Grospellier14,975
3692Daniel Smith13,300
3693Bernard Lee24,000
3694Scott Seiver19,775
3695Chino Rheem8,000
3696Matt Affleck8,175
3697Stuart Rutter24,025
3703Sean Snyder21,475
3704Brian Powell12,950
3705Daniel Nicewander10,075
3706Aaron Schaff26,000
3708Steven Hansen18,925
3709James Hoeppner15,625
3721Donald Walsh26,450
3722Romik Vartzar15,050
3723Brian Brubaker14,700
3724Nick Brancato17,600
3725Anthony Reyes9,325
3726Mark Johns35,775
3727Scott Bohlman10,325
3731Robert Woodcock10,775
3732Rakeshkumar Patel5,475
3733Don Zewin4,550
3734Avery Cardoza32,475
3735Lance Vankooten21,675
3736Nikolai Yakovenko8,450
3737Josh Brikis15,750
Event #9: $1,500 2-7 Draw Lowball
Day 2 started