Event #11: $1,500 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold'em

Corey Burbick Eliminated in 13th Place ($17,139)

• Level 20: 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante
Corey Burbick 13th.

Taylor Paur made it 20k under the gun, Corey Burbick then pushed all in for 178,000 from the small blind.

Daniel Streltz made the call from the big and Paur pushed in over the top. Strelitz mucked, and Paur showed {9-Spades}{9-Clubs} while Burbick flashed {7-Clubs}{7-Diamonds}.

Burbick failed to improve as the board rolled out and he is now out.

Player Chips Progress
Corey Burbick us
Corey Burbick
us Busted

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