Event #11: $1,500 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold'em

Leo Takes a Leap

• Level 12: 600-1,200, 200 ante

Leo Wolpert managed to turn {a-}{j-} into two pair in the first few minutes here and dispatch fellow short stack Bence Paris.

As a result, the 2009 WSOP $10,000 Heads-Up champ is now sitting on close to 40,000 and enjoying abpout as good a start to the day as can be expected.

Leo Wolpert us
Leo Wolpert
us 39,000

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134 Return For Day 2 of Event #11: $1,500 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold'em

Steven Hensley
Steven Hensley

Play resumes today in the first six-handed event of the 2014 World Series of Poker with just 134 players remaining and a plan to play either ten 60-minute levels or down to a final table of six.

Following a speedy day Monday, the field returns into the money already. After becoming the first player to crest the 100,000-chip mark rather early in the session, Steven Hensley holds the lead. But the pressure will certainly be on the man whose largest cash to date was a seventh-place finish in the $1,675 Main Event in the 2013 WSOP Circuit Event at Horseshoe Hammond just outside of Chicago for $68,173, as there more than a few sharks in the water below.

Nicholas Immekus, who came close to a $100k win at the Borgata Winter Poker Open in Atlantic City this past January, sits just below Hensley in the counts, as do familiar names like Noah Schwartz, David Peters, Erik Cajelais, Eddy Sabat, Mike Sowers, Jason Mercier, Olivier Busquet, Will Failla and a red-hot Jeff Madsen who took down the Heartland Poker Tour's $1,650 Main Event at the 2014 California State Poker Championship in L.A. a few short weeks ago.

Six-handed play is often marked by loose-aggressive play and today should be no different as these players vie for a spot in the final six and a shot at the $449,980 first-place prize up top. One can expect a ton of fast action as these players lay waste to the existing blind structure and any semblance of tight ranges on the way to crowning yet another WSOP $1,500 six-max champ.

And of course, PokerNews Live Updates will follow all of it from the call to shuffle up and deal to the night’s final bagging and tagging. Be here at 1 p.m. PDT to start following the coverage.

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Day 2 Table and Seat Draw

4231Joe Hebda21500
4232Lucas Fridriksson97900
4232Ryan Hemmel45200
4233Jason Wheeler119200
4235Michael Gagliano30500
4236Jose Garcia28300
4241Michael Aron23500
4242Jerome Mangum63400
4243Sal Dicarlo44800
4244Todd Anderson54900
4245Mohammad Siddiqui83000
4246Joel Frederick41400
4251Doug Luther42500
4252Loren Ryber23100
4253Ming Li41900
4254Jose Paz14800
4255Daniel Lanzalaco30400
4256Josh Rotenberg38300
4261William Perpich54400
4262Hans Bosman56200
4263Steven Hensley184200
4264Evgeni Katz35500
4265David Watters23800
4266Steven Hoefs18100
4271Ryan Drossel10200
4272Nicholas Castagna93100
4273Tigran Yazychyan37000
4274Robert Edelstein100800
4275Jeff Madsen65200
4276Frank Debus66600
4281Vlad Wezheritsky47000
4282Leo Wolpert24100
4283Bence Paris17700
4284Luis Camprlo146000
4285Max Pescatori13300
4286Isido Sifuentes34300
4291Steven Snyder37600
4292Aninon Felipe32300
4293Charles (Dave) Klapproth73000
4294Alexander Venovski17900
4295Andrew Kelsall106200
4296Olivier Busquet88900
4301Jason Manggunio31100
4302Rinat Shakivov20800
4303Eric Rappaport48000
4304Nicholas Immekus159900
4305Mike Sowers72100
4306Daniel Engels65900
4311David Postar61800
4312Charles (Dave) Dawson103900
4313Jamie Kerstetter22200
4314Corey Burdick65600
4316Kraig McCullough14100
4321Abraham Korotki104800
4322Itay Bavly23400
4323Jerrimie Pacheco73000
4325Steven Ayoub33000
4326Nicolas Nowak33000
4331Jason Mercier54100
4333Eddy Sabat75700
4334David Peters73300
4335Charlie Coultas75400
4336Michael McNeil25700
4341Christopher MacNeil147000
4342Robert Soulience7000
4343Karen Sarrisyan42600
4344Ty Reiman69800
4346Lauri Pesonen61300
4351Viet Vo46400
4352Fernando Brito20700
4353Andy Robinson64600
4354Eric Blair41000
4355Ronald Bell13500
4356Pierre Milan29100
4361Mark Napolitanon22700
4362Dale Campbell36700
4363Thomas Campbell41900
4364Dean Buchanan110500
4365Alen Bilic41800
4366Niel Mittelman113100
4371Kevin Darovlar45900
4372Hans Winzeler50000
4373Ricky Butts18600
4374Dustin Cooper39600
4376Rolan Sokolovski18400
4381Daniel Heredi8900
4382Alejandro Jauregui1
4383Michael Hahn80700
4384Ryan Franklin29900
4385Cary Katz54000
4386Thayer Rasmussen24100
4391Raj Vohra71000
4392David Bakes40000
4393Vasil Medarov61900
4394Adam Johnson69700
4395Sebastian Pauli72500
4396Blake Whittington135400
4401Grzegorz Derkowski66300
4402Zachary Humphrey57500
4403Anthony Cousineau19000
4404Stephen Kats51800
4405Greg Ostrander38300
4406Dan Healey42100
4411Sarah Herzali35600
4412Grudi Gruolev45000
4413Justin Bonomo26600
4414Neil Lusher26900
4415Luis Contreras37000
4416Everett Carlton42800
4421Will Failla86300
4422Erik Cajelais98700
4423Diego Dubcovsky56300
4424Benjamin Stroh27700
4425Mark Darner65000
4426Russell Rosenblum27400
4431Vincent Moscati103600
4432Rhys Jones68500
4433Law Chun27700
4434Lance Harris36100
4435Sebastian Comel60900
4436Noah Schwartz139900
4441Tanner Millen107300
4442Josh Kay54000
4443Jesse Capps28400
4444Joaquim Correia10300
4445Karl Pirkoff17000
4446Daniel Strelitz40000
4451John Cynn21300
4452Jason Man28100
4453Natasha Barbour66100
4454Spencer Cossette49900
4455Taylor Paur42000
4456Russell Thomas60000
Event #11: $1,500 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold'em
Day 2 started