Event #13: $10,000 No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball Championship

Schulman Jams On Wright Twice

[user68268] • Level 9: 500-1,000, 300 ante

Action folded to Larry Wright in the cutoff seat and he raised to 2,000. Nick Schulman reraised all in from the button, and Wright folded after showing {A-}{A-} from his hand.

On the next hand, Wright raised to 2,400 and Schulman reraised all in. Wright folded again, showing {7-}{7-}{6-}{6-} this time.

"I gotta stop trying to snow you," said Wright with a smile after the hand.

Player Chips Progress
Larry Wright us
Larry Wright
us 90,000 -15,000
Nick Schulman us
Nick Schulman
us 22,000 5,000

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