Event #14: $1,500 Limit Omaha Hi-Low

Trelski Backs Into a Wheel

[user249920] • Level 14: 2,000-4,000, 0 ante

Stephen Chidwick raised from late position and got calls from Greg Trelski and Dan Kelly in the blinds. Everyone stayed in as Chidwick bet the {2-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}{k-Diamonds} flop, and only Trelski called the {3-Clubs} turn. Trelski check-raised the {5-Clubs} river, and Chidwick called.

Trelski showed {a-Diamonds}{j-Spades}{4-Clubs}{9-Clubs} for a wheel to scoop the pot.

Player Chips Progress
Greg Trelski
Greg Trelski
51,500 22,500
Stephen Chidwick gb
Stephen Chidwick
gb 48,800 -6,200

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