Event #15: $3,000 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold'em

Hands #122-125: Vayo Wins the Early Encounters

[user169806] • Level 29: 30,000-60,000, 10,000 ante

Hand #122: Davidi Kitai completed the small blind and Gordan Vayo checked. The flop came down {10-Hearts}{4-Hearts}{2-Hearts}, Vayo checked, Kitai bet 65,000 and Vayo called.

The {10-Diamonds} on the turn paired the board and Vayo checked again. Kitai kept up the aggression with a 110,000 bet and Vayo check-raised to 310,000 – a huge chunk of his stack. Kitai called.

The {5-Diamonds} completed the board and Vayo moved all-in for 1,010,000. Kitai eventually folded and Vayo chipped up.

Hand #123: Vayo called on the button and Kitai made it 155,000 and Vayo called. A {7-Diamonds}{k-Hearts}{a-Clubs} flop was put on the green felt, Kitai led out on it for 65,000 and Vayo called. The {6-Diamonds} turn was checked by Kitai, Vayo then bet 225,000 and Kitai folded.

The first two heads-up pots have gone to Vayo.

Hand #124: Kitai called on the button and Vayo checked. Vayo then checked the {7-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}{8-Spades} flop and then called a 65,000 bet. The {2-Clubs} turn was checked by Vayo and Kitai bet again, making it 110,000 to go. Vayo called.

Vayo led for 240,000 on the {5-Hearts} river and Kitai folded.

Hand #125: Vayo completed on the button only to see Kitai make it 165,000 to go in total. Vayo called. The {9-Spades}{3-Hearts}{6-Hearts} flop was bet by Kitai who made it 140,000 to continue. Vayo did continue by calling.

A {6-Diamonds} landed on the turn and Kitai put on the brakes and checked. Vayo didn’t check behind, instead he bet 190,000 and Kitai stepped out of the way.

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