Event #2: $25,000 Mixed-Max No-Limit Hold'em

Ace-High For Ivey

• Level 14: 2,500-5,000, 500 ante

With about 55,000 already in the middle and a completed board of {3-Diamonds}{2-Spades}{9-Hearts}{3-Spades}{2-Hearts} spread on the felt, John Juanda cut out a bet of 42,000. At the other end of the table, Phil Ivey was on the button and pondered his action.

Ivey stacked up enough chips to call and set them to the side of his stack. Despite cutting out the chips almost immediately, Ivey sat in the tank for about three minutes. Eventually, he plopped them forward and Juanda let out a small sigh.

Juanda flipped over {Q-Hearts}{10-Clubs} for queen-high to go along with the two pair on the board. Ivey tabled a winning {A-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds} for ace-high and he was pushed the pot. The nine-time WSOP bracelet winner now has about 460,000 in chips while Juanda has fallen to about 155,000.

Player Chips Progress
Phil Ivey us
Phil Ivey
us 460,000 20,000
John Juanda id
John Juanda
id 155,000 -10,000

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