Event #2: $25,000 Mixed-Max No-Limit Hold'em

Richard Lyndaker Eliminated in 11th Place ($72,617)

[user101598] • Level 19: 8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante
Richard Lyndaker - 11th Place

Richard Lyndaker moved all in for 236,000 on the button and Ryan Fee tank-called in the big blind.

Lyndaker: {q-Clubs}{j-Hearts}
Fee: {a-Diamonds}{7-Clubs}

Fee improved to a pair of aces on a flop of {a-Hearts}{8-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds} and Lyndaker, while improving to a straight with {9-Diamonds} turn and {10-Diamonds} river, fell to Fee's diamond flush.

Chip Counts
Ryan Fee us 605,000 225,000
Richard Lyndaker us Busted

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