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World Cup or World Series?

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Andre Akkari

The FIFA World Cup is soccer's greatest stage, pitting the top countries in the world against each other in a global competition every four years. This year, 2014, the World Cup will be in Brazil, and it all begins on Thursday, June 12.

The kickoff match will take place between the host country of Brazil and Croatia, beginning at 1 p.m. PT. The competition will last one month and culminate with the final to be held on Sunday, July 13 at 12 p.m. PT.

With so many players representing all different countries from all over the globe, the World Cup is a hot topic just two days away from the competition. One table, Table 5 in the Blue Section of the Brasilia room, saw some chatter spark between Nick Yunis and Andre Akkari. Yunis is Chilean and Akkari is Brazilian, and while the two national sides aren't in the same group to start, they could face off against one another in the second stage.

"You better hope we don't win our group," said Yunis to Akkari with a smile.

"You may win your group, but you’re not going to make it out of the second round," responded the Brazilian.

The two talked back and forth for a little bit longer, and then Akkari added, "You guys have the best team in history — Chilean history that is." The two, and the table, got a good laugh out of this.

With Brazil seeded in Group A and Chile in Group B, the two could meet up in the second stage because the winner of Group A plays the second-place finisher of Group B, and vice-versa.

Ludovic Lacay, who is seated across the table from Yunis and next to Akkari, was questioned a little bit about the French squad, and he seemed cautiously optimistic.

All things considered, if you think the atmosphere has been electric throughout the WSOP thus far, just wait until this massive international affair gets the added jolt that comes from the start of the World Cup. It all begins Thursday afternoon.

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