Event #39: $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Jacob Schindler us 711,000 206,000
Ryan Olisar us 686,000 166,000
Ryan Jaconetti us 663,000 78,000
Matthew Lapossie ca 623,000 133,000
Andrew Becker US 599,000 369,000
Takashi Yagura 547,000 67,000
Dylan Linde us 524,000 -22,000
Christian Jeppsson se 420,000 280,000
Elior Sion gb 403,000 -87,000
Anthony Spinella us 396,000 -204,000
Ryan Laplante us 376,000 136,000
Lasse Frost dk 327,000 117,000
Pfizer Jordan us 325,000 5,000
Layne Flack us 318,000 98,000
Bruno Foster br 290,000 290,000
Sean Dempsey us 258,000 133,000
Clyde Walters us 256,000 56,000
Bart Hanson us 207,000 55,000
Bernard Lee us 164,000 49,000
Brian Pinkus US 159,000 63,000
Jim Casey 152,000 -51,000
Matt Affleck us 151,000 34,000
Darrell Tipton 129,000 -41,000
Igor Skochilo us 108,000 -82,000
Erik Cajelais ca 96,000 -54,000
Nam Le us 30,000 -130,000
Ilan Boujenah il Busted
Sunny Chattha gb Busted
Dario Sammartino it Busted
Chris Dombrowski us Busted
Artur Danilau Busted
Adam Savage Busted
Kenichi Takaki Busted
John Moore us Busted
Adam Lalopoulos Busted
Miguel King Busted
Tamara Tibbles Busted
Michel Pomaret fr Busted
Steve Gee us Busted
Brandon Garrity Busted
Evan McNiff us Busted
Jake Schwartz us Busted
David Fhima fr Busted
James Casey Busted
Ismael Bojang at Busted
Pierre Neuville be Busted
Gino Levrini us Busted
Daniel Lee us Busted
Pierre Milan fr Busted
Andy Hwang us Busted
Jesse Martin us Busted
David Paredes us Busted
Chad Eveslage us Busted
Dylan Wilkerson us Busted
Bruno Kawauti br Busted
Scott Augustine US Busted
James Dempsey gb Busted
Anthony Miller US Busted
Mihails Morozovs lv Busted
Tyler Cornell us Busted
Ryan Wright Busted
Ronald Lee us Busted
David Hass Busted
Govert Metaal nl Busted
Martin Stausholm dk Busted
Jesse Sylvia us Busted
Keven Stammen us Busted
Derek Wolters us Busted
Michael Rocco us Busted
James Schaaf us Busted
Luisfabio Fonsecafreitas br Busted
Shaun Suller us Busted
David Rosenbloom us Busted
Nicolas Yunis cl Busted
salvatore dicarlo us Busted
Zachary Gruneberg us Busted
Mike Hill gb Busted
Steven Silverman us Busted
Danyel Boyciyan Busted
Alexander Venovski us Busted
Aaron Overton us Busted
Nicholas Abourisk ie Busted
Bill Seber Busted
Douglas Milner Busted
Paul Balzano us Busted
Satoshi Isomae jp Busted
Karen Sarkisyan ru Busted
Bryan Reisner Busted
Thomas Miller us Busted
Matthew Schnell Busted
Martin Mathis us Busted
Jordan Cristos us Busted
Joseph Shoemaker Busted
J Parrent Busted
Anthony Harb us Busted
Ying Chan hk Busted
Daniel Dizenzo us Busted
Joshua Vanduyn us Busted
James Lee us Busted
Erik Aude us Busted
Geilich Lvdovic Busted
William Chattaway gb Busted
Daniel Eichhorn us Busted
Chio Ern Busted
Brian Felder Busted
Barry Hutter us Busted
Jason Wheeler us Busted
Chris Bell us Busted
Adam Glassman Busted
Masayuki Hakoda jp Busted
Marco Johnson us Busted
Brandon Shane us Busted
Dan O'Brien us Busted
Evgeny Taranyuk ru Busted
Matthew Kelly us Busted
Mitch Garshofsky us Busted
Brandon Steven us Busted
Brad Libson us Busted
Jim Paras Busted
Shane Goodwillie Busted
Kyle Zartman Busted
Rumen Nanev bg Busted
Darren Rabinowitz us Busted
Joshua Field Busted
Heinz Kamutzki de Busted
Mark Darner us Busted
Jeremy Ausmus us Busted
Steve Sung us Busted
Eric Rappaport us Busted
Jacobo Fernandez us Busted
Masato Yokosawa jp Busted
Barny Boatman gb Busted
Brandon Meyers us Busted
Tony Cousineau us Busted
Aditya Agarwal in Busted
Allen Pock us Busted
Freddie Ardoin Busted
David Deeves ca Busted
Hungtu Wang Busted
Joe Kuether us Busted
James Mackey us Busted
Greg Mueller ca Busted
John Hennigan us Busted
Gualter Salles BR Busted
Sarah Tolagson Busted
Jose Ruiz us Busted
Mark McPherson Busted
David Boyciyan Busted
Eugene Todd us Busted
Ludovic Geilich gb Busted
Jason Somerville us Busted
Thomas Muehloecker at Busted
Alex Kravchenko ru Busted
Michael Hill gb Busted
Julien Brulet Busted
Peter Hong us Busted
Darin Harbick Busted
Glenn Lafaye us Busted
Fabian Quoss de Busted
Chris Moorman gb Busted
Blair Hinkle us Busted
Manig Loeser de Busted
Zachary Korik us Busted
Daniel Makowsky US Busted
Christopher Hyden us Busted
Brent Wheeler us Busted
Matthew Shepsky us Busted
Nikita Nikolaev ru Busted
Aaron Steury us Busted
Vladimir Dobrovolskii Busted
Brandon Ageloff us Busted
Justin Zaki us Busted
Stanley Bayne Busted
Georgios Sotiropoulos gr Busted
Alex Venovski us Busted
Matthew Jones Busted
Jacob Stearley Busted
Colin Dentan us Busted
Jonas Mackoff ca Busted
Andjelko Andrejevic us Busted
Valerie Novak us Busted
Takaaki Nakayama Busted
Luca Stevanato it Busted
Rony Halimi fr Busted
Paul Garcia Busted
Dan Alspach Busted
Christopher Licht Busted
Charles Chattha Busted
Matt Brady us Busted
Richard Kellett gb Busted
Ty Reiman us Busted
Benjamin Jackson Busted
Iwan Jones Busted
Kristina Holst us Busted
Jason Tompkins ie Busted
William Foster Jr Busted
Joseph Cheong us Busted
Meikat Siu us Busted
julio gomez Updated
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Tony Dunst us Busted
Maurice Hawkins us Busted
Loni Harwood us Busted
Jared Hamby us Busted
Dan Heimiller us Busted
Takashi Ogura jp Busted
Alex Livingston ca Busted
Wade Townsend Busted
Dana Castaneda us Busted
Ben Jackson gb Busted
Liv Boeree gb Busted
Adam Levy us Busted
Joshua Rothberg us Updated
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Justin Oliver ca Updated
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Marc Goldman us Updated
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Mike Cardosa Updated
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