Event #4: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Kyle Cartwright us 973,000 318,000
Daniel Dizenzo us 912,000 490,000
Ylon Schwartz us 832,000 -158,000
Jeremy Dresch us 672,000 -128,000
Blake Barousse us 634,000 516,500
Steve Chanthabouasy us 631,000 113,000
Robert Kuhn us 533,000 28,000
Michael Sortino us 422,000 212,000
Matthew O'Donnell us 406,000 -29,000
Ken Weinstein us 261,000 -39,000
Jason Paster us 234,000 114,000
Geoffrey Mooney au 163,000 85,900
Darren Desvoigne 20,900
Mason Rosenberg us 20,300
Mitch Garshofsky us Updated
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12,700 -4,300
Kenneth Breidel 11,500
Ryan Hall ca Updated
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2,900 -7,625
Raphael Chee Busted
Jie Gao ca Busted
John Chou Updated
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Jeff Gross us Busted
Michael Katz us Busted
Nachman Berlin Busted
Tom Koral us Busted
Ronald Cooper Busted
Brian Bauer Busted
Stephen Foutty us Busted
Tal Hart us Busted
Andjelko Andrejevic us Busted
Marcelo Asensio br Busted
Niall Farrell gb Busted
Jai Gao Busted
Scott Herz Busted
Ademir Cuch br Busted
Jamie Kerstetter us Busted
David Melius Busted
Mark Radoja ca Busted
Harrison Gimbel us Busted
Joshua Weiss us Busted
Douglas Rosen Busted
Jimmy Fricke us Busted
Phil Collins us Busted
Andrew Lichtenberger us Busted
Dale Beaudoin us Busted
Jeremy Kottler us Busted
Ryan Snyder ca Busted
Phillip Lowery Busted
Scott Freeman Busted
Brian Green us Busted
Hemanth Kumar us Busted
Paul Lentz us Busted
Thayer Rasmussen us Busted
Ronald Hollis Busted
Ricky Bui Busted
Shawn Rice us Busted
Russell Thomas us Busted
Warren Chu Busted
Lauri Pesonen Busted
Scott Baumstein us Busted
David Peters us Busted
Cy Williams us Busted
Miguel Proulx ca Busted
Craig Carrillo us Busted
Robert Georato us Busted
Michael Hahn us Busted
James Huang Busted
Ryan Weeks Busted
William Cooley Busted
Lance Allred us Busted
Vinhlong Than Busted
Hunter Moss us Busted
Ryan Smith ca Busted
Jonathan Neckar Busted
Franklin Azevedo us Busted
Jonathan Bussieres ca Busted
Chris Johnson us Busted
Jake Schwartz us Busted
Alex Dovzhenko ua Busted
Joseph Elpayaa us Busted
Christopher Thomas Busted
Siva Ganta Busted
Michael Brockley Busted
Frank Vulpis Busted
Thomas Harnois Busted
Rinat Shakirov ru Busted
Aaron Benoit Busted
Matthew Glaser Busted
Steve Bartlett Busted
David Enda us Busted
Vassiliy Russanov kz Busted
Maurice Hawkins us Busted
Fam Yat Busted
Anthony Zuniga Busted
Keith Ferrera us Busted
Robert Karr Busted
Joseph Ogden Busted
Jacob Toole us Busted
Louis Boutin ca Busted
Aadam Daya ca Busted
Thad Meeks Busted
Kyle Bowker us Busted
Paul Mutschler Busted
Michael Mechaly Busted
Ken Loui Busted
Kevin Robicheaux Busted
Darren Des Voigne Busted
Isidro Sifuentes us Busted
Todd Terry us Busted
Julius Malzanini de Busted
Matthew Newcombe us Busted
Ryan Hughes us Busted
Tigran Yazychyan Busted
Kevin Eyster us Busted
Aldas Gomas Busted
Ken Cutt Busted
Huy Nguyen us Busted
Binh Nguyen us Busted
Gregory Johns Busted
Jose Arenstein br Busted
Giovanni Gaglio Busted
James Cavanaugh us Busted
Jason Hallee ca Busted
Stanley Chao Busted
Simon Cremniter Busted
Jesse Ercillo us Busted
Patrick Ronan us Busted
Benjamin Gold Busted
Bill Wood Busted
Joseph Marchal us Busted
Daniel Engels at Busted
William Gaffney Busted
Christopher Lastiwka Busted
John Gulino us Busted
Jennifer Richie Busted
Pavel Myndrov us Busted
Robert Gorodetsky Busted
Edward Gitelson Busted
Steve Cha us Busted
Allan Vrooman us Busted
Brian Mcinnis us Busted
James Snyder us Busted
Tristan Wade us Busted
James Noonan ie Busted
Matthew Brock Busted
Jeffrey Van Den Broek Busted
Huy Quach Busted
Louis Bruning Busted
Alan Clunie Busted
Jeremiah Pierce Busted
Dash Dudley us Busted
Stephen Beck us Busted
Shawn Casey Busted
Daniel Tafur es Busted
Nelson Wong ca Busted
Donald Civic au Busted
Joshua Reichard us Busted
William James Busted
Justin Crosbie Busted
Ben Palmer us Busted
Tleuzhan Jumakov Busted
Alexander Greenblatt us Busted
Mark Thompson Busted
Michael Shoemaker Busted
James Petzing us Busted
Jason Brauda us Busted
Ken Wu Busted
Ethan Werner Busted
Jean-Pascal Savard ca Busted
James Copher Busted
Aaron Duczak ca Busted
Joseph Pergola Busted
David Shepard Busted
Marian Fridman Busted
Siva Siddartha Ganta Updated
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Tolga Ural Busted
Geronimo Caesar Busted
Brett Labar Busted
Robby Westrom us Busted
Michael Vukovic Busted
Alan Myerson us Busted
Amanda Musumeci us Busted
Olivier Busquet us Busted
Joseph Gordon us Busted
Paul Kazanchian Busted
Muruz Yohannes Busted
Shan Jing Busted
Roger Fontes Busted
Clint Camua Busted
Paul Cogliano us Busted
Marilyn Schmitter Busted
Stephen Hesse us Busted
Laurence Hughes Updated
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Kyle Frey us Updated
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Cody Slaubaugh us Updated
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John Holley us Busted
Scott Davies us Busted
Jeff Dobrin Busted
Doug Carli Busted
Faraz Jaka us Busted
Ari Engel ca Busted
Kathy Liebert us Busted
Albert Chlouber Busted
Hieu Nguyen Busted
Andreas Hoivold no Busted
William Epstein Busted
Jimbo Slice Busted
Joseph Cada us Busted
Stephen Salazar Busted
Max Steinberg us Busted
Michael Gagliano us Busted
Alex Moore Busted
Victor Figueroa us Busted
Lance Whatley Busted
Blake Bohn us Busted
Lawrence France Busted
Victor Paredes Busted
Marcel Kessler Busted
Jesse Wilke Busted
Kevin ODonnell us Busted
Christopher Danek Busted
Greg Mueller ca Busted
Robert Mizrachi us Busted
Joe Serock us Busted
Allan Farber Busted
Joseph Cheong us Busted
Connor Drinan us Busted
Alex Phahurat us Busted
Jason Koon us Busted
Matt Stout us Busted
Jon Aguirre Busted
Philippe Boucher ca Busted
Jennifer Tilly us Busted
James Atkin gb Busted
Will Failla us Busted
Kevin MacPhee us Busted
Sam Trickett gb Busted
Jake Cody gb Busted
Jack Schanbacher Busted
Dominic Sanche Busted
Byron Kaverman us Busted
Humberto Brenes cr Busted
William Reynolds us Busted
Blake A Barnes Busted
Joe Ford Busted
Athanasios Polychronopoulos us Busted
Russell Crane us Busted
Marvin Rettenmaier de Busted
chris back ca Busted
Ken W Busted
Adam Dahlin us Busted
Nikolay Yosifov bg Busted
Tim Reilly us Busted
Allen Kessler us Busted
David Sklansky us Busted
Thayer Rassmusen Busted
Nacho Barbero ar Busted
David Kaye Updated
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