Event #43: $1,500 Limit Hold'em
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Dan Kelly us 734,000 84,000
David Chiu us 473,000 123,000
Sean Berrios us 373,000 48,000
Yegor Tsurikov us 361,000 61,000
Jesse Katz 294,000 19,000
Brandon Shack-Harris us 269,000 -6,000
Jeff Lisandro au 177,000 27,000
Ron Burke 166,000 -39,000
Bryce Landier us 112,000 -78,000
Steven Wolansky us Busted
Eric Bensamochan US Busted
Mark Chilton Busted
Mike Lancaster us Busted
Jerid Zewin us Busted
Paul Mannoni us Busted
Andrew Wang us Busted
Mitch Schock us Busted
Jon Seaman us Busted
Berry Johnston us Busted
Thomas Solomon us Busted
James Davis us Busted
Chad Lousberg Busted
Sam Barnhart us Busted
Matt Woodward us Busted
Jeff Shulman us Busted
Mike Laing US Busted
Andrey Danilyuk ru Busted
Ben Yu us Updated
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Mike Leah ca Busted
Nick Abou Risk Busted
Dmitrii Valouev Busted
Harold Lilie us Busted
kyle rickey Busted
Justin Thurlow us Busted
John Sabey Busted
Nicholas Abourisk ie Busted
Fernando Brito br Busted
Henrik Hakoupian Busted
Dennis Tymchak Busted
Andrew Yip ca Busted
John Hoppmann Busted
Thomas Blizniak us Busted
Paul Kho Busted
Leo Labbe Busted
Fred Sepanlou Busted
Jason Munson Busted
Paul Bishow Busted
Howard Roughan Busted
Edward Pyatetsky Busted
Lenny Duvdivani Busted
David Cardenas Busted
Qi Chi Busted
Karen Manfrede Busted
Anthony Arvidson us Busted
Joseph Leger Busted
Adrian Kuan ca Busted
Naeem Eghani Busted
Seribotta Var Busted
Don Zewin us Busted
Scott Kneeland Busted
Ivan Schertzer us Busted
Jia Liu us Busted
Charles Tucker us Busted
Truong Nguyen us Busted
Alvin Lo Busted
Pete Frangos Busted
Ervin Tormos Busted
Thomas Lutz us Busted
John Veltri Busted
Jan Sjavik Busted
Donna Blizniak Busted
Joseph Potts Busted
Sam Lieber Busted
Allyn Jeffrey Shulman Busted
David Plastik us Busted
Robert O'shea Busted
James Obst au Busted
Francis Garcia Busted
Mark Vannelli Busted
Maurice Mcclaine Busted
Timothy Flanders gb Busted
Devon Miller Busted
Allyn Jaffrey Shulman us Busted
JoJo Contino Updated
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Michael Lynn US Busted
Bradley Manter Busted
Ashish Gupta au Busted
Scott Blackman Busted
Christopher Schaler us Busted
Joseph Contino us Busted
Nicholas Blakiston Busted
Won Jung Busted
Adam Furgatch Busted
Terrence Chan ca Busted
Brian Faber Busted
Avi Mukherjee Busted
Harrison Wilder Busted
Michael Fishel Busted
Jared Talarico us Busted
Michael Ross us Busted
Cathleen Tran Busted
Mark Immethun Busted
Daniel Negreanu ca Busted
Alex Queen us Busted
Paul Tedeschi fr Busted
Matt Davenport Busted
Damien Leforbes Busted
Shahriar Namjouy Busted
Alan Steinberg us Busted
Teresa Mcgarrity Busted
Kyle Zartman Busted
Todd Witteles us Updated
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Brian Ballentine us Updated
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Jody Garaventa US Busted
Mark Mierkalns ca Busted
Andres Garcia us Busted
Esker Roberts Busted
Jeffrey Filkens Busted
Rae Rocco Busted
Samuel Golbuff Busted
Vahe Hagopian Updated
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Mike Scarborough us Updated
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Allen Kessler us Busted
Antonio Esfandiari us Busted
Kenna James us Updated
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