Event #46: $50,000 Poker Players' Championship

Shakerchi Pushes Out Bloch

• Level 5

No-Limit Hold'em

The flop read {J-Diamonds}{K-Hearts}{2-Diamonds} and Scott Seiver and Kevin Song checked. Andy Bloch led at the pot for 5,000 and Talal Shakerchi called. David Bach folded his button and Seiver and Song followed suit.

Bloch and Shakerchi saw the {A-Diamonds} fall on the turn and Bloch slowed with a check. Shakerchi took this opportunity to fire 10,000 and Bloch stuck around for the final card. The river was the {8-Clubs} and Bloch checked for a second time. Shakerchi moved out 22,000, sending Bloch deep into the tank. He thought for about one minute before finally deciding to kick his cards in. Shakerchi was awarded the pot and now sits at 224,000 in chips.

Chip Counts
Talal Shakerchi gb 224,000 64,000
Andy Bloch us 139,000 -15,000

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