Event #5: $10,000 Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball Championship

Danzer Doubles, Mercier Crippled

• Level 22: 8,000-16,000, 0 ante

George Danzer raised from the cutoff and Jason Mercier called from the big blind. Mercier drew two cards while Danzer opted for just one. Mercier checked, Danzer led out, and Mercier came over the top with a check-raise. Danzer called.

Mercier stood pat on the second draw and Danzer took one. Mercier bet and Danzer tossed out a call.

"Still pat?" asked Danzer. "Alright, let's roll the dice."

Mercier stood pat once again and Danzer picked up one new card. Mercier checked and Danzer led out with an all in bet. Mercier let out a sigh.

"Fine," said Mecier, flinging out a call.

"Number one!" yelled Danzer, fanning {7-}{5-}{4-}{3-}{2-}. Danzer scooped the double and Mercier was left with just 15,000 in chips.

Player Chips Progress
George Danzer de
George Danzer
de 260,000 116,000
Jason Mercier us
Jason Mercier
us 15,000 -115,000

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