Event #5: $10,000 Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball Championship

Schulman Triples, Then Loses Some

• Level 18: 3,000-6,000, 0 ante

Justin Bonomo raised from under the gun and Nick Schulman three-bet all in for 22,000. Eli Elezra called from the small blind and Bonomo called as well. Elezra and Bonomo took two cards while Schulman pulled three. Action checked around during this betting round.

On the second draw, Elezra and Bonomo received two and Schulman one. Elezra and Bonomo both checked again and each drew one during the final draw. Schulman stood pat. Two more checks allowed Schulman to table a winning {9-}{8-}{7-}{5-}{2-}. Bonomo and Elezra mucked and Schulman tripled up to 74,000.

Schulman played the next hand, lost some, and currently sits at 50,000.

Nick Schulman us 50,000 26,000

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Schulman Down to Two Big Bets

• Level 18: 3,000-6,000, 0 ante

After the first draw, Justin Bonomo checked and Nick Schulman tossed out a bet. Jon Turner called from the button and Bonomo called as well. On the second draw, Bonomo drew two while Schulman and Turner each took one.

Bonomo checked, Schulman bet, Turner called, and Bonomo let his hand go. Both players stood pat on the final draw.

"Burn a card and drop the deck," Schulman told the dealer, who did as he instructed. Schulman then led out for one more bet. Turner tossed out a call. "Eighty-six," continued Schulman, tabling {8-}{6-}{5-}{4-}{3-}.

"You sounded pretty confident after your little speech there," replied Turner, showing eighty-six perfect - {8-}{6-}{4-}{3-}{2-} for the win.

"You call it a little speech and then call with the nuts," said Schulman under his breath.

"That's not what I meant by it," said Turner. "I didn't mean those words."

Schulman is now down to just two big bets with 24,000.

Jon Turner us 310,000 35,000
Nick Schulman us 24,000 -44,000

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Mercier Gets Some Back

• Level 18: 3,000-6,000, 0 ante

Picking up with the action on the first draw, Tom Schneider took two cards, Jason Mercier took one, and Michael Chow took one. Schneider checked and Mercier fired out a bet. Chow made it two bets and this was enough to get Schneider out of the pot. Mercier, however, stuck around.

Both players stood pat on the next draw and Mercier checked. Chow fired out a bet and Mercier called. On the final draw, Mercier stood pat again while Chow decided to take one card. Action went check-check and Mercier fanned {8-}{7-}{6-}{3-}{2-}. Chow mucked and Mercier raked in the chips.

Michael Chow us 280,000 -65,000
Jason Mercier us 165,000 40,000

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Elezra Climbing Back

• Level 18: 3,000-6,000, 0 ante

Justin Bonomo raised from under the gun, Eli Elezra reraised from the small blind, and Bonomo called. After Elezra drew one, Bonomo opted to toss away three. After the draw, Elezra bet, and Bonomo called.

Elezra stood pat for the second draw, and Bonomo took two cards, one less than before. Elezra bet, and Bonomo called.

For the final draw, Elezra stood pat again, and Bonomo took one. After Elezra bet, Bonomo called.

Elezra's {8-}{7-}{5-}{4-}{3-} was good enough to be the best hand, and he won the pot.

Justin Bonomo us 560,000 -60,000
Eli Elezra us 235,000 100,000

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Galfond Chips Back Up

• Level 18: 3,000-6,000, 0 ante

In a four-handed pot, David Benyamine drew four, Tuan Le drew two, George Danzer drew two, and Phil Galfond drew two before action was on Benyamine for the betting round. He checked, and then action checked over to Galfond. He bet, Benyamine raised, Le folded, Danzer called, and Galfond called.

For the second draw, Benyamine took one, Danzer took one, and Galfond stood pat. Action was checked to Galfond after the draw, he bet, and both players called.

Benyamine and Danzer took one on the final draw, and Galfond stood pat. All three players checked, and Galfond's {9-}{8-}{5-}{4-}{2-} scooped the pot.

Phil Galfond us 385,000 65,000
David Benyamine fr 195,000 -55,000
George Danzer de 165,000 13,000

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Elezra Claims Eighty-Seven

• Level 18: 3,000-6,000, 0 ante
Eli Elezra
Eli Elezra

Action folded to Nick Schulman in the small blind, and he raised against Eli Elezra's big blind. Elezra called, and both players drew one. After the draw, Schulman checked, Elezra bet, and Schulman called.

For the second draw, Schulman drew one and Elezra stood pat. Schulman then checked, Elezra bet, and Schulman called.

For the third and final draw, Schulman stood pat and Elezra went into the tank for around one full minute before tossing away the {9-Diamonds} to draw one card. After the draw, Schulman checked, and Elezra bet. Schulman tanked for longer than Elezra previously did, then eventually folded his hand.

"I made eighty-seven," commented Elezra after the hand, although he did not show.

Eli Elezra us 135,000 -15,000
Nick Schulman us 95,000 -40,000

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Schneider Bests Luneau

• Level 18: 3,000-6,000, 0 ante

Alexandre Luneau drew three on the first draw against Tom Schneider, who drew one. After the draw, Luneau checked, Schneider bet, and Luneau called.

On the second draw, Luneau drew two. Schneider drew one. Again following the draw, Luneau check-called a bet.

Both players took just one card on the final draw. Luneau then checked, Schneider bet, Luneau check-raised, and Schneider called.

Luneau couldn't beat the {9-}{7-}{4-}{3-}{2-} that Schneider turned over and mucked his hand. Schneider won the pot and moved back to 200,000 in chips.

Alexandre Luneau fr 370,000 -80,000
Tom Schneider us 200,000 70,000

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Updated Chip Counts; Mercier Short Stack On Bubble (full)

• Level 18: 3,000-6,000, 0 ante

The players are back in action with the limits remaining the same because no player was lost on the bubble.

Justin Bonomo us 620,000 55,000
Alexandre Luneau fr 450,000 140,000
Sergey Rybachenko ru 410,000 175,000
Michael Chow us 345,000 128,000
Phil Galfond us 320,000 52,000
David Benyamine fr 250,000 -15,000
Jon Turner us 240,000 -25,000
George Danzer de 210,000 -5,500
Eli Elezra us 150,000 -70,000
Tuan Le us 140,000 -95,000
Nick Schulman us 135,000 -60,000
Tom Schneider us 130,000 -38,000
Jason Mercier us 125,000 26,500

Break Time

• Level 18: 3,000-6,000, 0 ante

Players are now on their final 20-minute break of the night. Hand-for-hand play will continue when they return.