Event #51: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Monster Stack

Riess Takes a Hit

• Level 5: 100-200, 0 ante
Ryan Riess

A player from early position limped and Ryan Riess raised to 600 from the button. His opponent called and the flop was {8-Hearts}{j-Diamonds}{q-Spades}. Riess' opponent checked and Riess bet 600 and received a call. The turn was the {7-Diamonds} and Riess bet 2,500 after a check from his opponent and the bet was called. After the {9-Clubs} river and a third check from his opponent, Riess bet 6,000 and his opponent moved all in for around 9,000.

Riess made the call, but mucked after his opponent tabled {a-Hearts}{q-Hearts} for top pair, top kicker.

Player Chips Progress
Ryan Riess us
Ryan Riess
us 19,000 -4,000

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