Event #52: $10,000 Limit Hold'em Championship
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Greg Debora ca 749,000 34,000
Brian Tate us 670,000 -32,000
Samuel Golbuff US 459,000 -21,000
Paul Mannoni us 403,000 -119,000
Jan Sjavik NO 327,000 127,000
Bill Chen us 318,000 18,000
Mikail Tulchinskiy ru 298,000 103,000
David Olson us 247,000 -13,000
Gabriel Nassif FR 154,000 -121,000
Robert Como us 39,000 -13,000
Jeff Thompson us Busted
Steven Wolansky us Busted
Matthew Gallin US Busted
Matt Szymaszek us Updated
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Matt Szymanszek US Busted
Cathleen Tran US Busted
Kenny Shei us Busted
David Chiu us Busted
Kyle Ray us Busted
Yakov Hirsch Busted
George Danzer de Busted
Brian Meinders us Busted
JC Tran us Busted
Antonio Esfandiari us Busted
Ronnie Bardah us Busted
David Steicke au Busted
Justin Tazelaar gb Busted
Paul Volpe us Busted
Joep van den Bijgaart nl Busted
Melissa Burr us Busted
Lee Goldman Busted
Kevin Song us Busted
Nick Abou Risk Busted
John Hennigan us Busted
Alexander Kuzmin ru Busted
Jared Talarico us Busted
Jason Pasinski us Busted
Douglas Rutherford Busted
Kerry Welsh Busted
Jack Kashishian us Busted
Nick Schulman us Busted
Roland Israelashvili us Busted
Mohsin Charania us Busted
Vincent Gironda Busted
Talal Shakerchi gb Busted
Ian Blackman Busted
Diego Cordovez us Busted
Jeff Shulman us Busted
Jeff Lisandro au Busted
Paul Hoch us Busted
Stephen Bass Busted
Ian Johns us Busted
Stephanie Nguyen us Busted
Brian Aleksa us Busted
Shaun Deeb us Busted
Scott Seiver us Busted
Ben Yu us Busted
Hoyt Corkins us Busted
Don Nguyen us Busted
Nicholas Abourisk ie Busted
Mike Leah ca Busted
JJ Liu tw Busted
Michael Moore us Busted
Mike Watson ca Busted
Juha Helppi fi Busted
Tommy Hang us Busted
James Obst au Busted
Terrence Chan ca Busted
Max Pescatori it Updated
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Vitaly Lunkin ru Busted
Dan Shak us Busted
Eli Elezra us Busted
Mike Sowers us Busted
Marwan Abdelal Busted
Michael Schneider us Busted
Alex Torry us Busted
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