Event #53: $10,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Mikiyo Aoki us 742,000 154,000
Meikat Siu us 460,000 117,000
Haixia Zhang us 311,000 60,000
Pat Landis US 219,000 0
Kendra Wray US 214,000 5,000
Elizabeth Montizanti us 184,000 25,000
Persia Bonella CA 128,000 -62,000
Patricia Cahill us 66,000 -44,000
Stacey Sullivan us 64,000 -91,000
Karen Cameron CA Busted
Xuan Liu ca Busted
Stacey Vaughn us Busted
SIriwan Sukmekerd Busted
Sherry Dixon CA Busted
Heidi Rhodes US Busted
Charlet Molique Busted
Richele Johnston Busted
Shena Mckirdy Busted
Randi Rusnell Busted
Shana Davis Busted
Debbie Mitchell Busted
Joan Goyette CA Busted
Gwendoline Laurent Daw Busted
Pamela Caravan CA Busted
Gwendoline Laurent-Daw Busted
Karen Novotny us Busted
Joani Short Busted
JJ Wright Busted
Gwendoline Laurent Busted
Remedios Patalinghug us Busted
Einav Shalom us Busted
Jian Wang Busted
Mette Adkisson Busted
Katherine Ansorge Busted
Araceli Machorro Busted
Carolyn Gardiner Busted
Leslie Long Busted
Krisha Augerot Busted
Tencia Lee Busted
Julie Le Busted
Linda Summers Busted
Saritza Stevens Busted
Catherine Alford-Flowers Busted
Summer Haness Busted
Melanie Weisner us Busted
Daphne Barr Busted
Erika Weinstein us Busted
Oksana Jancevic CA Busted
Rita Baumer US Busted
Lyra Vance US Busted
Chanel Crawford Busted
Janira Belmiro Busted
Patrizia Comencini Busted
Tonia Williams Busted
Krystal Javier Busted
Wendy Going US Busted
Darlene Lee CA Busted
Janis Numan Busted
Lisa Santy us Busted
Joan Short Busted
Krista Gifford us Busted
Cassandra Johnson Busted
Vanessa Lackey Busted
Khou Fang Busted
Victoria Larkin US Busted
Vanessa Ames Busted
Yongmei Sun Busted
Glennette Goode Busted
Wendy Davis Busted
Joann Hall Busted
Tatiana Barausova ru Busted
Jacqueline Walker Busted
Jenna Diaz Busted
Janice Imbronone US Busted
Lauren Kepple Busted
Patricia Barsantichou Busted
Lori Nunes Busted
Cherish Andrews us Busted
Margaret Heintz Busted
Donna Willis Busted
Lisa Arisaman Busted
Jamie Vela Busted
Kristalina Steininger Busted
Dee Dozier Busted
Angelina Rich au Busted
Chau Do Busted
Jennifer Ahnert Busted
Mary Forrest Busted
Kathleen Mahaney Busted
Marie Martin Busted
Janet Weaver Busted
Sheila Mullinax Busted
Maria Larsson Busted
Dawn Holland-Williams Busted
Christina Lindley us Updated
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Eukhargal Ochirbat Busted
Leslie Nielsen Busted
Misty Plowright Busted
Jennifer Leago Busted
Patricia Brown Busted
Eleanor Mcmillan Busted
Deanna Dozier Busted
Nhat Nguyen Busted
Janice Nguyen Busted
Kami Hudson us Busted
Kirstie Levine Busted
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