Event #54: $3,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Low
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Woody Deck US 840,000 140,000
Shiva Dudani us 405,000 15,000
Gary Bolden us 382,000 -23,000
Fabrice Soulier fr 347,000 7,000
Zach Freeman us 272,000 -13,000
Florian Langmann de 265,000 -5,000
Joe Lu ca 222,000 -48,000
TJ Eisenman US 205,000 120,000
Ted Lawson us 199,000 -36,000
Toby Hausen DE 182,000 12,000
Brad Ruben 173,000 -7,000
Jonathan Depa us 168,000 -132,000
Dylan Wilkerson us 162,000 2,000
Lee Markholt us 136,000 -9,000
Doug Baughman us 115,000 25,000
Antony Lellouche fr 114,000 19,000
Eoghan O'Dea ie 96,000 36,000
Alex Miningham US 93,000 -7,000
Richard Armstrong US 84,000 -41,000
Paul Volpe us 50,000 -45,000
Peter Ippolito us Busted
Kiyokazu Nishikawa JP Busted
Brandon Del Nano US Busted
Cody Crouch us Busted
Andy Bloch us Busted
Iddo Feinberg IL Busted
Brett Richey us Busted
Tom Koral us Busted
Marc Perlman us Busted
Brett Shaffer us Busted
John Reiss us Busted
Gregory Masterson US Busted
Mihails Morozovs lv Busted
Adam Labuga US Busted
Dagang Wang US Busted
Joshua Pender us Busted
Richard Gryko gb Busted
Ruben Vera us Busted
Benjamin Miner us Busted
Colin York us Busted
Lenny Talerico Busted
Maksim Fomin Busted
Bryan Andrews us Busted
Zachary Hench us Busted
Adam Panlatimer Busted
Leonardo Palermo us Busted
Danny Smith us Busted
John Esposito us Busted
Douglas O'neal Busted
Mathieu Jacqmin Busted
William Carr Busted
Benjamin Wilkins Busted
Nessim Hadiji Busted
Ze Chen Busted
David Schnettler Busted
Dmitri Motorov Busted
Duane Cummings Busted
Ryan Rapaski Busted
Jiaqi Xu Busted
Jeff Planck Busted
Hoi Lee Busted
Brett Chen Busted
Young Kim Busted
Danny Chang us Busted
Benny Glaser gb Busted
Joseph Mitchell Busted
Daniel Klein Busted
Sean Eichendorf ca Busted
Ryan Paluf us Busted
Tom McCormick us Busted
Joseph Nolan Busted
Paolo Compagno Busted
Cuu Hoang Busted
Morten Eriksen Busted
Matthew Wood gb Busted
An Li Busted
Jeff Kimber gb Busted
Magnus Martin gb Busted
Gordon Lamb Busted
Elio Aponte Busted
Kia Hooshmand us Busted
Jerry Dixon Busted
Kenneth Po us Busted
Matthew Fitzgerald Busted
Adam Drankwalter Busted
Alan Emerson us Busted
Matthew Lansdon us Busted
Kyle Miaso us Busted
Michael Solomon Busted
Timothy Link us Busted
Charles Butler Busted
Carson Calhoun Busted
Glen Altham Busted
Nathaniel Wiesner us Busted
Michael Graves us Busted
Anthony Kendall gb Busted
Scott Tuttle Busted
David Mcnally Busted
Brian Pygon Busted
Cale Maclean Busted
Peter Stier Busted
George Saca us Busted
Anthony Costa Busted
Robert Mizrachi us Busted
David Bach us Busted
Dan Kelly us Busted
John Kabbaj gb Busted
Alexander Kuzmin ru Busted
Ali Eslami us Busted
Kevin MacPhee us Busted
Howard Andrew us Busted
Bart Hanson us Busted
Dylan Linde us Busted
Stuart Rutter gb Busted
Aleksey Filatov us Busted
Cameron McKinley US Busted
Cliff Kettinger us Busted
Kamel Hassan NZ Busted
Peter Brownstein us Busted
George Danzer de Busted
Scott Abrams us Busted
Tony Cousineau us Busted
Randen Honigman US Busted
Orlando Romero us Busted
David Wolff US Busted
David Solomon us Busted
Roman Kociuba US Busted
Linhkhoune Virath US Busted
David Snitkin US Busted
Patrick Wick Updated
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Mike Wattel us Busted
Amnon Filippi us Busted
Tony Merksick Busted
Daniel Idema ca Busted
Eddie Blumenthal us Busted
Kirill Rabtsov Busted
Michel Abecassis fr Busted
Perry Green us Busted
Josh Mammon Updated
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Matt Szymaszek us Updated
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Tom Schneider us Busted
Chris Ruby us Updated
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Rep Porter us Busted
Melissa Burr us Busted
Jaspal Brar ca Busted
David "ODB" Baker us Busted
Maxim Panyak ru Busted
Mikal Blomlie NO Updated
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Larry Wright us Busted
Joe Ford Busted
Brandon Guss Busted
Yuebin Guo us Busted
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