Event #59: $3,000 Omaha Hi-Low

McMillan and Rechnitzer Chop Up Klein

[user153638] • Level 11: 500-1,000, 0 ante

Daniel Klein got his last 3,300 all in preflop and was one of four players to see a flop of {10-Spades}{5-Clubs}{3-Spades}. Ronald McMillan checked from the big blind and Brian Rast did the same from the cutoff. Both players called a bet from George Rechnitzer on the button.

All three active players then checked the {8-Clubs} turn, and then the flop action repeated itself on the {K-Clubs} river. The dealer was a little too quick scooping up the cards, but we do know that Rechnitzer and McMillan ended up chopping the pot. Rast mucked, and Klein did the same before taking his leave from the tournament.

Chip Counts
Brian Rast us 81,000 5,000
Ronald McMillan us 63,000 2,400
Daniel Klein Busted

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