Event #59: $3,000 Omaha Hi-Low
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
David Williams us 500,000 180,000
Joe Mitchell US 406,000 206,000
Matt Glantz us 396,000 -54,000
Sun Kwak US 340,000 30,000
Scott Abrams us 254,000 -31,000
Brett Richey us 249,000 78,000
Ismael Bojang at 238,000 58,000
John D'Agostino us 209,000 -61,000
Phillip Hui us 194,000 49,000
Melissa Burr us 189,000 9,000
Marvin Rosen us 189,000 144,000
Michael Bees us 186,000 -44,000
Brendan Taylor us 156,000 76,000
Justin Bonomo us 137,000 22,000
Jordan Morgan us 115,000 75,000
Don Zewin us 100,000 -70,000
Zack Milchman us 98,000 -127,000
Steve Lustig US 96,000 36,000
Mike Leah ca 36,000 -94,000
Tony Merksick US 26,000 1,000
Joseph Stiers US Busted
Julie Schneider Busted
Chino Rheem us Busted
Arthur Kargen Busted
Edward Nassif II Busted
Sergey Rybachenko ru Busted
Greg Jamison us Busted
David Goldberg Busted
Amnon Filippi us Busted
Brandon Shack-Harris us Busted
Brandon Gerson US Busted
Bernardo Dias br Busted
Mike Wattel us Busted
James Van Alstyne us Busted
Alexander Kuzmin ru Busted
Alex Luneau Busted
Chris George us Busted
Tianxiong Fu Busted
Kyle Miaso us Busted
Sonu Sharma ca Busted
Mel Randolph us Busted
Christopher Benoy Busted
Gary Suffir Busted
Steven Schlesinger Busted
Jeffery Staudenmayer Busted
Michael Pollowitz Busted
Bruce Yamron us Busted
Chris Klodnicki us Busted
Benjamin Wilkins Busted
John Lukacs Busted
Jeet Shetty Busted
Donna Varlotto Busted
Adam Dondzila Busted
Dmytro Nemyrovskyi Busted
Jason Riesenberg us Busted
Michael Moed us Busted
Anil Gurnaney us Busted
Filippos Stavrakis us Busted
David (Wes) Self Busted
Robert Oxenberg us Busted
Gordon Lamb Busted
George Rechnitzer us Busted
Tom Love us Busted
Dale Phillips Busted
Ryan Lenaghan us Busted
Stewart Newman Busted
Ognjen Sekularac rs Busted
Tom Koral us Busted
Kevin Iacofano us Busted
Jonathon Sparks us Busted
Brian Brubaker us Busted
Dylan Linde us Busted
Stephen Chidwick gb Busted
Brian Rast us Busted
Naoya Kihara jp Busted
John O'Shea IE Busted
Gary Neese Busted
Sergey Altbregin ru Busted
Fredrick Andersson se Busted
Minh Trinh us Busted
Colin Burton ca Busted
Anthony Costa Busted
Paul Siem us Busted
Kory Kilpatrick us Busted
Trai Dang Busted
Brad Ruben Busted
David Jacobs Busted
Ronald McMillan us Busted
Danny Chang us Busted
Binh Nguyen us Busted
Kelly Kim us Busted
Mark Gregorich us Busted
Ted Forrest us Busted
Calen McNeil ca Busted
Matthew Ashton gb Busted
Matt Vengrin us Busted
Mohsin Charania us Busted
Todd Brunson us Busted
Gary Benson au Busted
Thomas Keller us Busted
Andy Frankenberger us Busted
Jim Meehan Busted
Richard Ashby gb Busted
Marco Johnson us Busted
Andrey Zaichenko ru Busted
Michel Abecassis fr Busted
James Meehan Busted
Michele Limongi it Busted
Jordan Siegel us Updated
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Kevin Bronson US Updated
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Timothy Acker us Updated
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Eric Crain us Updated
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Dan Shak us Busted
Vanessa Selbst us Busted
Mike Hack us Updated
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George Danzer de Busted
Jen Harman Busted
Chris Bell us Busted
Ashly Butler us Busted
Jennifer Tilly us Busted
Iori Yogo jp Updated
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Noomis Jones us Updated
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Brock Parker us Busted
Konstantin Puchkov ru Busted
Stewart Yancik Busted
Tobias Hausen de Busted
Andreas Krause de Busted
Jussi Nevanlinna fi Busted
Benjamin Zamani us Busted
Joe Cassidy us Busted
Brandon Demes Busted
Brian Nadell us Busted
Gary Golobe Busted
Ian Blackman Busted
Brett Jungblut us Busted
Steven Wolansky us Updated
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Timothy Finne us Busted
Steve Zolotow us Updated
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Daniel Klein Busted
Bill Chen us Busted
Jordan Cossette ca Busted
Bryan Micon us Busted
Andrew Yeh us Busted
Frank Patti us Busted
Barry Greenstein us Busted
Gabriel Nassif Busted
Alex Ferrari us Busted
Stephen Johnson us Busted
Charles Bransford Busted
Ken Aldridge us Busted
Bruno Stefanelli it Busted
Terry Moore us Busted
Frank Russomanno us Busted
Constantine Zdanowich Busted
Mitch Schock us Updated
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