Event #60: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Salman Jaddi us 6,820,000 520,000
Brandon Hall us 4,725,000 -475,000
Jake Brenden Updated
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37,500 -2,300
Zachary Gruneberg us Busted
Guillauma Marechal FR Busted
Cherish Andrews us Busted
David Bravin IT Busted
Thomas Dietl DE Busted
Steve Sung us Busted
Kurt Jewell us Busted
Matthew Alexander us Busted
Kenneth Gregersen dk Busted
Sohale Khalili us Busted
Raj Pooni Busted
Chris Ebbe US Busted
Gavin O'Rourke ie Busted
Javier Swett CL Busted
Erwann Pecheux fr Busted
Jamie Armstrong us Busted
Evan McNiff us Busted
Alexander Maximov RU Busted
Lue Huang us Busted
Ty Reiman us Busted
Pedro Correa br Busted
Scott Baumstein us Busted
Michael Sortino us Updated
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