Event #8: $1,500 Millionaire Maker No-Limit Hold'em

2013 Millionaire Maker Champ Benny Chen Returns to Defend Title

BrettC • Level 3: 50-100, 0 ante
Benny Chen Announces the "Shuffle Up and Deal" on Day 1a

Last year, Benny Chen navigated the largest non-Main Event field in World Series of Poker history to become a millionaire thanks to the inaugural $1,500 Millionaire Maker tournament.

Chen returned on Saturday to defend his title in what has become another record-breaking event. He was eliminated in the first Day 1 flight today, but that hasn't stopped him. PokerNews' Kim Yuhl caught up with him as he was waiting to take his seat in flight B.

I heard Jack Effel ask you if you still had the money from last year's win and you replied yes. Congratulations. Did winning last year change anything?

Nothing’s changed too much. It’s been pretty much the same.

So pretty much maintaining your usual schedule and playing the same stakes?

A little bit higher stakes. I am a little bit more comfortable. Schedule wise, I might be playing a couple more tournaments than last year.

Do you play mostly cash games or tournaments?

I play both.

There is another record-breaking field today. What kind of tips can you give to someone to help navigate this huge field?

It’s massive. It’s such a big field that I like to let things come to me and pace myself. I try not to force the issue.

You were in flight A this morning. What happened?

I forced the issue. I picked a spot and I thought it was a good spot but it wasn’t. I am fine with the play. I am going to take my own advice for this flight though.

What other events are you planning on playing this summer?

I plan on playing all the PLO events and I am going to try and satellite into the One Drop and a lot of the no-limit events.

Where do you mostly play?

I play a lot in Commerce Casino in Los Angeles and I travel a little bit for tournaments.

You are listed as living in Canada. Do you live there?

Yes. I live there but I am in the process of relocating to Orange County.

Do you play online at all?

Not a whole lot but I play when I am back home.

Do you prefer live or online?

I like both. Live is nice because I get to chat with people and interact. It’s a different set of skills than online. Online is a long grind and more fundamental but it's fun too because I can play a lot of tables.

Any advice for the crowd out there trying to be the next Benny Chen?

Pretty much study and read and watch as many videos as possible. Be a student of the game.

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