Event #9: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

Once Upon a Time in Las Vegas

[user253757] • Level 8: 200-400, 50 ante
James Woods and Emad Alabsi at the scene of the latter's most recent win

With his good friend Emad Alabsi standing by to sweat from the rail, James Woods just shoved all-in to force two players off the pot, but to hear Alabsi tell it the move was ill-timed. Here's what we saw:

The board read {j-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}{q-Diamonds}{q-Hearts} by the turn and Woods was riding a short stack of 3,150 while sitting in the small blind. He knuckled the felt and elicited a bet of 1,400 by the big blind, a bet which the button decided to flat.

That's when Woods sprung his trap and raised all in for 1,750 more, a move which Alabsi seemed to approve of.

"I love that shove..." he told us as Woods' opponet's contemplated their options. "Love it."

Alabsi is no slouch on the felt himself, as a man with more than $1 million an earnings and two recent titles on the East Coast - including a $164,469 score at a $1650 Parx Casino Big Stax V event - knows how to play the game.

Soon enough, Woods' power play worked its magic and both of his opponent's laid down to the pressure, and with this reporter's hovering gathering attention, the table beckoned Woods to "show the bluff to PokerNews."

Woods called Elabsi over to the table and flashed his hand to his good friend, showing the {q-Spades}{j-Spades} for the stone cold nuts. Having seen Woods scare off two opponents with the best hand possible at the time, Alabsi's previous enthusiasm over the play was dampened, and he began to offer his own opinion on the hand to the actor and poker enthusiast who served as his best man a few years back.

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James Woods us
James Woods
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