Event #3: €5,300 Pot-Limit Omaha
Event #3: €5,300 Pot-Limit Omaha
Day 1 completed

Kollmann Leads Stacked Field After Day 1

• Level 8: 300-600, 0 ante
Vanessa Selbst fights for her second bracelet of 2012
Vanessa Selbst fights for her second bracelet of 2012

A total of 97 players signed up for the big Pot-Limit Omaha event of this year's World Series of Poker Europe. After eight levels of play just 25 remain with Austrian Erich Kollmann in the lead. Kollmann amassed 127,500 chips and holds a big lead over Bruno Fitoussi who's in second place with 108,600.

The day started just like you would expect a Pot-Limit Omaha tournament to start. The action was fast paced and quickly we saw the likes of David Baker, Greg Merson and Brandon Adams hit the rail. Meanwhile Michael Mizrachi was building a castle of chips in the early levels.

It took the two-time $50,000 Players Championship winner just three levels to have six starting stacks in front of him. Mizrachi kept winning pots left and right, and his only challenger ended up being Ran Azor. In the following levels Mizrachi and Azor kept battling with big swings as a result. Both players ended up surviving the day, but their stacks weren't nearly as impressive as during the dinner break. Mizrachi bagged up 47,100 while Azor returns with 40,500.

The most successful Omaha player of this year's WSOP also managed to survive the day. German pro Jan-Peter Jachtmann did not have it easy, but he will return tomorrow with 42,200. Other notable pros that will try to make a run tomorrow are Jason Mercier (25,800), Vanessa Selbst (42,400), Sam Chartier (59,100) and Roger Hairabedian (59,800)

Play will resume tomorrow at 2:00 PM local time as we will play down to a final table of nine. Make sure to tune in to PokerNews as we bring you all the acton!

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Official End-of-Day Chip Counts (full)

Erich Kollmann at 127,500 16,500
Bruno Fitoussi fr 108,600 48,600
Michael Mizrachi us 106,500 11,500
Stephan Gerin fr 102,900 40,900
Douglas Corning US 94,000 30,000
Jussi Ryynanen FI 88,800 27,800
Ville Mattila fi 85,800 40,800
Micah Smith us 65,300 38,300
Roger Hairabedian fr 59,800 9,800
Sam Chartier ca 59,100 -16,900
Aubin Cazals fr 55,500 42,500
Michel Abecassis fr 52,000 36,000
[Removed:163] US 47,100 21,100
Michael Schwartz us 44,000 -1,000
Chuc Hoang FR 43,500 13,500
Vanessa Selbst us 42,400 -12,600
Jan-Peter Jachtmann de 42,200 -9,800
Ran Azor il 40,500 -27,500
Jussi Nevanlinna fi 39,200 22,200
Tino Lechich au 30,900 -3,100
Martin Davis GB 29,900 -2,100
Xavier Niel FR 26,800 1,800
Joe Hachem au 25,800 1,800
Jason Mercier us 23,800 -17,200
Jani Sointula fi 15,300 1,300

Six More Hands

• Level 8: 300-600, 0 ante

Play is almost over and just six more hands need to be played before players get to go to bed.


• Level 8: 300-600, 0 ante

With just 27 players remaining there is a complete redraw. Play will resume shortly with just 13 minutes left on the clock.

The Bad Hand Clash

Vanessa Selbst just raised under the gun plus one to 1,200 and three players called. Noah Schwartz was on the button and moved all in for 4,975. The action was back on Selbst who isolated with a raise to 11,000. The three other players folded.

"I've got a bad hand," Schwartz said.

"I've got a really bad hand," Selbst replied with a smile as they turned their cards over.

Vanessa Selbst: {A-Spades}{3-Diamonds}{5-Spades}{8-Hearts}
Noah Schwartz: {10-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}{Q-Spades}{3-Clubs}

The board ran out {5-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{Q-Clubs}{J-Diamonds}, and Selbst took down the pot with trips. After the hand was over Michael Zowie asked if Selbst was double suited.

"No, triple suited," Selbst replied sarcastically.

"I had a hand," Zowie said, who folded after having called Selbst's initial raise.

"I have a stack," Selbst said with a smile while she was stacking her chips.

Vanessa Selbst us 72,000 -4,400
Noah Schwartz us Busted

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Three-Way All-In Pot Sees Kovalchuk Bust and Jachtmann Nearly Triple


Over on the action table, Jan-Peter Jachtmann, Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi and Oleksii Kovalchuk were all in preflop in a three-way battle. Mizrachi had opened to 1,500, Kovalchuk reraised to 5,400, Jachtmann called, Mizrachi re-potted and both of his opponents called all in. Here's the hands:

Kovalchuk: {A-Clubs}{K-Clubs}{Q-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds}
Mizrachi: {K-Hearts}{Q-Clubs}{J-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}
Jachtmann: {8-Hearts}{7-Clubs}{6-Spades}{5-Clubs}

The flop, turn and river ran out {Q-Hearts}{7-Spades}{4-Spades}{7-Diamonds}{10-Clubs} and Jachtmann made trip sevens to nearly triple up. Jachtmann was all in for 20,900 while Kovalchuk had the least chips at approximately 16,000.

Michael Mizrachi us 95,000 -40,000
Jan-Peter Jachtmann de 57,000 36,000
Oleksii Kovalchuk ua Busted

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