Event #7: €10,450 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

"Now THAT's Poker, Buddy"

Phil Hellmuth opened to 25,000 from under the gun and his sole caller was Sergii Baranov from the cutoff. The dealer spread a flop of {8-Spades}{5-Hearts}{A-Clubs} and Hellmuth fired 30,000.

Baranov wasted no time dipping into his stack and coming out with a raise to 80,000.

"Ugh," Hellmuth groaned as he took his headphones off. "They told me about you, Sergii. You flop aces and eights on me? Alright I check dark."

Hellmuth called and checked dark to Baranov as the {Q-Spades} rolled off on the turn. Baranov checked behind and the {4-Clubs} completed the board. Both players checked again and Hellmuth showed {10-Hearts}{10-Clubs}. Baranov mucked and Hellmuth took the pot.

"Now THAT's poker, buddy!" said Hellmuth as he took down the pot. "You fire 50k into me and I snap you off with two tens with an ace on the board."

"Phil, can I tell you something?" asked Scott Seiver from across the table.

"No, I have to focus," replied Hellmuth.

"It's really important," said Seiver.

"No, I can't even hear you," said Hellmuth as he put his headphones back on his ears.

Seiver stood up from the table and walked over to Hellmuth. He reached over and took the headphones off Hellmuth's ears and said "You know what really bothers me? You treat me like the rest of them." said Seiver to Hellmuth with a smile.

Hellmuth busted up with laughter as the dealer dealt out the next hand. We're sure as the day progresses the banter at this table will continue, especially with Seiver constantly quipping to Hellmuth.

Player Chips Progress
Sergii Baranov ua
Sergii Baranov
ua 970,000 -85,000
Phil Hellmuth us
Phil Hellmuth
us 760,000 19,000

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