Global Poker Index: Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier Closes The Gap

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier

Each week, the Global Poker Index releases a list of the top 300 tournament poker players in the world using a formula that takes a player's results over six half-year periods. For a look at the entire list of 300, visit the official GPI website.

The Top 10 as of November 28, 2011

RankPlayerTotal ScoreChange in Rank from Last Week
1Erik Seidel2,560.940
2Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier2,534.450
3Jason Mercier2,398.580
4Eugene Katchalov2,378.130
5Shawn Buchanan2,219.400
6Sam Stein2,178.260
7Sam Trickett2,121.170
8Sorel Mizzi2,106.720
9Fabrice Soulier2,024.880
10Matt Waxman2,003.460

No shuffling of positions took place among the top 10, but there is something to keep an eye on. Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier closed the gap between himself and Erik Seidel and now sits about 25 points out of the No. 1 spot on the GPI. In November 2010, Grospellier finished 56th in the European Poker Tour Barcelona Main Event. That score fell from Period 2, where it wasn't one of his top three results, to Period 3 where it is being counted, thus resulting in a bump in points for Grospellier.

Welcome to the GPI

For the second consecutive week, there were only four new addition to the GPI. Kenny Hallaert is making his debut on the GPI thanks to two side-event wins at EPT Loutraki.

New Additions

PlayerTotal GPI ScoreGPI Rank
Georges Yaazbeck1,196.52193rd
Jan Bendik1,099.12251st
Kenny Hallaert1,075.77263rd
Chris McClung1,050.14284th

Those who fell from the GPI this week are Kevin Vandersmissen, Kyle Loman, Matt Jarvis, and Paul Berende.

Ups and Downs

The biggest rise of the week belonged to Rupert Elder. With a 13th-place finish in the EPT Loutraki Main Event, Elder added a third Period 1 result to be calculated by the GPI. Also rising nicely up the ranks this week were Darryll Fish and Micah Raskin, thanks to respective sixth-place and 15th-place finishes at the WPT Jacksonville Main Event.

Biggest Gains

RankPlayerTotal ScoreChange in Rank From Last Week
75thKevin MacPhee1,524.53+43
112thDominik Nitsche1,406.64+66
117thRupert Elder1,382.16+107
142ndPer Linde1,312.50+32
149thMicah Raskin1,304.59+90
178thDarryll Fish1,235.32+65
184thSurrinder Sunar1,212.16+35
199thMarkus Ristola1,189.35+95
203rdSam Chartier1,181.27+31
207thMike Beasley1,178.78+33
260thJean-Philippe Rohr1,080.76+32

Lucien Cohen suffered the biggest drop this week. His eighth-place result in a €2,500 no-limit hold'em event at the France Poker Masters in May fell from Period 1 to Period 2.

Biggest Drops

RankPlayerTotal ScoreChange in Rank From Last Week
39thBryn Kenney1,706.25-26
101stNick Schulman1,435.96-32
103rdKonstantin Puchkov1,427.11-31
191stAlex Kostritsyn1,197.91-29
196thAndrey Danilyuk1,192.63-35
235thKimmo Matias Kurko1,135.68-30
242ndLucien Cohen1,118.82-74
253rdNicolas Levi1,097.77-68
259thCristiano Guerra1,081.20-65
264thEric Haik1,075.75-65
288thYoucef Benzerfa1,044.57-47
300thNicolas Chouity1,021.92-42

What's In Store?

Next week will mark the start of scores from the 2011 World Series of Poker falling into Period 2. Which players GPI scores will take a hit? Eugene Katchalov (No. 4), Sam Stein (No. 6), Matt Waxman (No. 10), Jake Cody (No. 17), and Allen Bari (No. 27) will all have six-figure scores from that first week of the WSOP drop into Period 2, so expect a bit of a shakeup toward the top of the GPI next week.

To look at the entire list of 300, visit the official GPI website. While you're at it, follow the GPI on Twitter and its Facebook page.

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