APPT Macau Main Event

Tan Doubles Up

We approached Ivan Tan's table to see a three-way pot develop. With about 8,000 in the middle before the flop, Young Phan checked to Tan, who fired out 4,000. On a dry board of {J-Hearts} {2-Diamonds} {2-Clubs}, it was surprising to see the third player in the hand respond by moving all in for a bit more than 20,000 chips. That was enough to fold Phan; Tan made an easy call with {A-Hearts} {A-Clubs}. He was up against {10-Hearts} {10-Spades} and had his aces hold up on a blank {6-Diamonds} turn and a somewhat scary four-sided {9-Hearts} river.

Tan now has about 57,000 chips.