Main Event

Seal Hits the Jackpot, Doesn't Get Paid

Chih Yen Chen opened to 1,700 under the gun, and Emanuel Seal three-bet to 4,800 in the next seat over. Across the table, Cuong Van Tran put in the call, and Chen came along for a three-handed flop.

The dealer spread out a slot-machine flop of {7-Clubs} {7-Spades} {7-Diamonds}, and Chen tapped the table. Seal continued out with a smallish bet of 6,000, and that was enough to earn him the pot. He and Chen bantered back and forth for a few seconds with Chen claiming he had folded a pocket pair. Seal let him flip over one of his cards, the {A-Diamonds}, and Chen said, "Ahhh, pocket aces, very nice hand!"

Seal is right at 50,000 chips after that pot.

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