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Benton's All Better

Aaron Benton

Everyone's happy to see the gregarious Aussie Aaron Benton in the field today, one day later than we expected to see him. Benton was battling a case of food poisoning yesterday, though he did manage to make it to the PokerStars party briefly last night.

"How you feeling today?" we asked Benton, walking by to check on him and his stack.

"Pretty good mate. Still sweating a bit," he said, wiping a bit of moisture off his brow. You can tell he's been a bit sick, but Benton looks to be faring just fine, proudly sporting his new Star City patch. Along with Eric Assadourian and Grant Levy, Benton has a new gig as an ambassador for his home casino in Sydney.

There's a strong Aussie contingent here this week, and Benton is representing his home country well; he's up to about 28,000 here in the early going.

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