Main Event

Amnon Gets Comfortable

Amnon Filippi

After being moved to a table with players like Quinn Do, Kwang Soo Lee, Lei Long, and Andrew Scott, Amnon Filippi wasted no time getting himself acquainted with the players.

Pre-flop, Kwang Soo made a raise to 600 and got callers in two other players. Action went over to Amnon, who pushed his whole stack of about 7,800 into the middle. The player next to him, who was in the blinds, agonized for a while before giving up his hand.

Kwang Soo and the other players likewise got out of the way, and Amnon flipped over {q-Hearts}{q-Spades} for his seatmate to see. "See? Don't be so upset, your hand was no good," he joked with the player.

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